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i'm so outta here
09-12-2000, 12:50 PM
Sleep deprived and smelling like a fine cheese, I just pulled in the driveway, grabbed an armful of gear out of the boat, and headed directly for the computer to post what a great time I just finished having at this year's Boneclave.

Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to co-meisters Juro and Terry for all the help. BobP, your chowder alone is worth any headaches involved in pulling this event off. Sully, you always make camping a pleasure; awesome brunch on Sunday. Estey brothers, you guys are mythical. Marvin, a thousand thanks for taking me out on your boat and breaking my two day skunk! GregO, thanks for not punching me in the face Monday night for all the snoring I was doing" border="0" align="middle">

Capt. Rueben Perez, you are an inspirational fisherman and have one kick ass boat. Thanks for going the extra mile(s) for me.

Juro I have all sorts of your gear including your fly box, minus one I gave to a Spanish mack Tues. morning. Sorry. Now I have some impetus to learn to tie it <img src="

Finally, thank you to the lone quahogger in Waqoit Bay who has a penchant for seals and left us all snickering right up to the slow boat ride back to Whites.

What days do we want for next year?? Now is the time to reserve the campsite.

09-12-2000, 06:34 PM
I N C R E D I B L E ! ! ! Sorry, but my brain is still in too much of a fog to come up with a better description than that. Sunday was beautiful but got extremely crowded with all the boaters going out for their last hurrah of the summer. BobP and I managed a double hookup on FAs not 15 minutes after leaving the campsite. We were all alone with a couple of small pods of fish, two of which decided to eat our white bucktails. That alone was worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, the rest of the fish headed elsewhere while we were doing the albie shuffle around the boat. We took a leisurely cruise to the west, all the way to Robinson's hole, but only found a few more fish to cast at along the way.

Monday turned out to be even better -- no wind, very few other boats and plenty of hungry Spanish mackerel (and sea robins!). Marvin was gracious enough to take me out in his boat and let me catch most of the fish, including one Spanish mack that tried to spool me three or four times. I finished the day by jigging up a nice fluke, which is about to become my dinner. Tip of the day: do NOT attempt to clean a live Spanish mack while holding it over the side of the boat.

Thanks to all for a truly memorable and enjoyable event. Special thanks to Bob and Marvin for taking me out in their boats, to all of you who supplied and prepared the food, and to the organizers of this fantastic event. Can't wait for the Rhody clave!

09-12-2000, 06:40 PM
My first clave with this crew, and hopefully, not even close to being the last!! Leaving for the moment the weather (perfect), the fish (abundant- at least for some people), the degree of clave organization (unimaginably good), and the general companionship (teriffic), I gotta talk about the food.

I mean, I know it's supposed to be about the fishing, but I've been in good restaurants and not had meals as good as the spread that appeared Sunday night. Now I know what those guys that go to those reservation-only rivers in Scotland or Ireland get at the end of a hard day on the water.

I mean, there you are, bleary-eyed from driving down at 4:00 and fishing all day, a little sunburned, line cuts on your hands, and what ends up on the table? Starting with the appetizers: chowder and cherrystones from Bob Parsons, grilled shrimp from Juro's cooler, then steak kabobs, the Esteys' rice and beans, 4 kinds of pie, etc......

My only complaint, and not a serious one, is that I'm still a tunoid virgin. Got loads of great shots at pods of albies in the Wacky channel this morning, but nada. Did get to watch enviously as Terry's went back and forth for several minutes. On the plus side, I did bring home a Spanish Mackeral, which got rave reviews from the family at dinner tonight.

I really enjoyed fishing with you guys, and can't wait to do it again.

09-12-2000, 07:49 PM
I just got a report from Mike and man am I bummed I couldn't stay for the whole thing!

Mike, Mike, Craig, and I started with a pre-clave on Saturday doing a dual canoe convoy out in front of the wacky jetties. The fish were plentiful and we had a few spanish hookups but they all ended in cut lines. A couple of fluke made it to the boat but as far as the catching went that was it.

Sunday started with an Estey screw-up in setting up the shuttle that thankfully was not a big deal because of Capt. Reuben. After dropping off the gear at camp it was time to hit the water with Greg O., and my bro. We found fish around Succonesset (?) and cast our brains out with little to show for our efforts aside from cut lines. (Big lesson for this clave - Spanish Macks have sharp teeth. Last years lesson was flourocarbon.) Before we left Succonesset I experienced the increadable thrill of hooking, fighting, and landing my first tunoid! Oh, my, God, can they fight!!!! I was into my backing almost instantly. I will never forget seeing the backing knot fly from the tip of my rod and disapear into the water 100' feet away. With my palm burning (Man I need a new reel.) and my heart pounding I fought the fish through a few blistering runs and eventually brought it to the boat side for an extended tug of war while Greg O. stood ready with the net. With Greg's handy net work the fish was boated, a picture was taken, the fish admired and then released. What an increadable year! My first keeper bass - and many of them - and my first tunoid! I have learned so much from all of you and you have my eternal thanks.

When the bite died we did what Greg calls the boat fishing vortex - Well "this place" is only so far might as well try it. - Well we've come this far we might as well try "this place". - We can't give up now, let's try "this place". In short the vortex only managed to draw us away from the fish which seemed to stay around the Succonesset area where we found them later in the day. Unfortunately they were not very eager biters and it was off to camp for some truly great eats. With the ride back with Capt. Reuben my clave experience was over but you were all in my thoughts over the last couple of days.

And now for the thank-you's:

Thanks to Greg O. for your company, tireless work to find fish, the netting job on my FA, and for making us feel welcome on Logo 1. I need your address to send your flies along.

Thanks to Al D., Juro, and Terry for your awesome meistering jobs! It was humbling to witness the effort you guys put into making this experience come together and you deserve a huge standing O from all the BoneClave 2000 attendies.

Thanks to Bob Parsons for the chowda, Terry for the salsa, Juro for the salmon, whoever got the pies, Greg O. for the recipe (could you post it?), Capt. Rueben for the ride back, all the captains for spaces on your boats, and everyone for adding to the stories, hints, tips, and comraderie that made this the special trip that it was.

RhodyFest anyone?

09-13-2000, 09:32 AM
Lots of dittos to what my brother said! I had an outstanding time! Particularly, Monday morning will go down in history as one of my best days out on the water. I will never forget how that albie just bolted with the majority of my backing. Man those things can run! All the spanish mac's weren't bad either. :) So I'd like to extend a special thanks to GregO and Tim for successful search for tunoids, without whom I would have not had these special memories to look back on and smile.

AlD, Juro and Terry thank you for a fine meistering job. Other than my little screw-up the trip went off with out a hitch!

On a side note, my wallet is missing. I took a trip out to the island to look for it, but to no avail. Did anyone find a wallet?

09-13-2000, 10:46 AM
No Wallet found, sorry. I'll have my dad check the boat cabbin

Only have time for a quick post as I have a TON of work to catch up on & I'm traveling to DC tomorrow.

I had a great time. Meisters were awesome. I learned A LOT on this trip. How to work a rip, the need for wire for Span. Macks. (Rubin thanks for the knot lesson). I was also very happy to contribute my boat & get some shore guys out on the water. I take more than I give from this forum, so I was happy to give some back. Sorry I could not get everyone I took out onto fish, but I guess I batted about .500! Big Cat & Estey Bros. thanks for the Flies (My dad & I both hooked up on the famous "double-sand-eel")! Food, Food, Food, we ate like kings, thanks to all.

Two Biggest (fishing) highlites: (1) Gregg E. WAY into backing on first FA! (2) My dad & I both hooking & landing Spanish Macks!

Finally, a math equation: Spanish Mack. + fly line wrapped on reel handle = SNAP!

09-13-2000, 11:40 AM
Great Clave! Hard fishing. Ditto on everyone elses comments.
Al D.- Your undying energy to run it and keep it on track will always be appreciated and remembered.

Sully: your a pillar in camp and great company. Thanks for everything.

Juro: You're like the force in Star Wars, the force was with us to do this whole thing. When you left camp, I felt we were a semi-clave afterward hanging on.

The rest of you nuts- great fishing company, but each clave I realize beyond that, you are great people to know. Good fathers, husbands, etc. Some of the side conversations around camp were jems.

As for the story: Al and I went into the 3rd day in Grand Skunksville. Not evan bumps. I'm sure you guys noticed my growing lack of enthusiasm. SO one last try. I was alone at Wacky at dawn for a while, what a thing. No boats, no jetty guys. That was a sight. Soon Al and MArvin show up in MArvins craft. Strong incoming tide. We were drifting from the mouth on in, then motor back and repeat. Barely a fish in sight, only one or two splashs in over an hour. I was feeling pretty low seeing the end of the clave draw near knowing this was my last shot.
Then a small school of stripers starts straffing near the end of the jetty. At least something is happening. I yell over to Al and MArvin because they are closer and point them out. They motor over and I follow about 50 yards behind. Then a pod busts right beside me. I cast in between onto some spread out boils and bang I'm on. Wait a minute this striper is going thump thump thump, circle the boat, oh #%$* it's green then ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz across the channel to the other jetty. ALBIE ON! By this time I've rounded the bend in the channel still drifting. Fight back to the boat then again ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz across the channel. Uh oh boat coming,(I wouldn't be there if regular boat traffic existed). I start up the motor move out of the way, take a drink of ginger ale, wipe my brow, fight on. Get him to boat then the circles, figure eights another short run then boated. The fly was a silverside contraption I threw together last winter called the Polarfiber Flatwing (see archives). It's a silverside pattern I guess. Flouro tippet helped too (no wire). Probably luck more than anything.
Al hooked up too. I thought he lost it when he yelled "I lost it!" but I guess I misheard him, because he in fact did boat a fat striper. Good going Al. END OF SKUNK!

Side comments: At the B.Y.O.B. Clave, let's have a Quahog fisherman do a workshop!" border="0">.

Juro: I hope your new job at The Readers Digest works out well. <img src="

Roop: Thanks for not coming, without your burning wit I was able to be camp wise guy.

09-13-2000, 01:06 PM
Glad to hear you guys had such a good time. Wish I could have been there. Damn not being in college anymore and having to be at work everyday :). I was just curious if anyone found the stuff that I had left by the sign. I hope it got out there for some good use.


09-13-2000, 01:07 PM
Terry & Al,

That was just the Fishing Gods smiling down on you. I have it from a reliable source that they(the Fishing Gods)prefer to use sluggos.

09-13-2000, 01:16 PM
Nick -

Yes, thanks! We got your stuff and it was very helpful. You were very generous to bring stuff for us even though you couldn't make the overnights.

Please tell Chris I owe him some free casting lessons. I feel like I owe it to him since I made him buy a fly outfit!

Still a lot more fishing to go...