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: Weekend plans (July 22-23)?

07-19-2000, 09:33 PM
I'll be on Cape again this weekend... anyone else? Maybe we could hook up for a morning or evening shot. I'm fishing with Sean Fields Sat PM, but anyone around Sun AM?

i'm so outta here
07-19-2000, 10:16 PM
Juro - I'm there all weekend, visiting in Wellfleet with an old college professor/friend. I plan on fishing very early (home by 8:30) Sat., Sun, and Mon. Was hoping to hit the outer beaches, but it looks like tides are somewhat iffy for that. Is there a spot out that way that fishes well on the outgoing? .... Hardings!

07-20-2000, 06:36 AM
Al -

Sounds good for Sunday AM... if the wind hasn't been pounding the southside it's good with that tide if we start early. Big gator blues have been showing, and there are still a few nice bass hanging around river mouths.

Hardings is a great choice on the outgoing, but they have been dredging it lately.

I'd be an easy sell to go hit Morris again after last weekend, but would prefer the later ebb and with bigger tides like next weekend.

I haven't hit the upper end of South Beach at the Chatham light since that new spit and bowl, with that tide it would be moving hard to sea and there could be a massacre on all the bait flushing out of pleasant bay... a good option.

Another would be to hit ocean beaches very early and fish it thru slack dawn and the beginning of the drop. It would be my first trip this year up there as well.

Monomoy has got her grip on me, haven't fished much anywhere else!

Let's play it by ear and talk Friday.


07-20-2000, 07:41 AM
I am in for a Sunday morning trip, I have a sticker for the Race thats a option.But anywere works for me I am working nights and don't get home till 1:00 am, so just post were and when.

07-21-2000, 11:26 AM
I would love to fish this weekend, if you guys wouldn't mind. I have finally started my job in Boston and have not been able to get out much. I'll check in to find out the particulars, I may need to call you as I am not to familiar with that area of the cape.
Nick Svencer

07-21-2000, 02:51 PM

Wish I could, but I can't, so I wont!

Any PI or N. Shore soldiers? Tides are less than favorable for the sunrise mission, but you never can tell ?? !!


07-21-2000, 03:02 PM
Wifes B-day weekend, looks slim. But email me your home # and I'll give you a buzz if I can get out. With this cold weather the rivers and flats are still probably the best bet. Rocks are probably slow.


07-21-2000, 06:30 PM
My weekend just opened up a little... I'm thinking of Monomoy or South Beach Saturday as well as the Sunday morning fling before heading back up north.

So far it looks as if Saturday will include rain, and Sunday will be gorgeous. Tides high at dawn and in the early evening; mid-day low tides; moderate mean levels.

They're saying sunny early and late, mid-day showers tomorrow; partly cloudy no rain Sunday. Wind's been out of the south today, southwest tomorrow.

Al, John, Nick - Are you fishing Saturday or Sunday morning? I'm about to call Keith to see if there's a 6am crew... left a message.

Let me know, I have Sat open now. South Beach is sounding good, as are the low tide channels on Monomoy Island.


07-21-2000, 09:13 PM
OK -

Is it up to me to make the call on the Sunday rendezvous? Short morning (for a couple of us anyway) with a high tide slack at dawn, outgoing through the time we're there. Wind out of the SW, weather fair. If so I would pick from a few locations...

1) South beach at the lighthouse: fish the spit and bowl to the south, work down the shore and hop over to the inside if the urge comes upon us. Caveat: cars in the lot could be ticketed after 9:30am.

2) Morris Island: parking is a cinch. High tide would not be my first choice there, but because of it's proxmity to North Monomoy flats the fish are prone to wander over like they did for me last weekend. The best action would be on the extended flats reaching to the channel between Morris and North Monomoy, which is best done when the tide is deep into the ebb. Not ideal but it could be the scene of fish backing down after a jaunt up inside the inlet during a night flood... or it could be a wash, one never knows. A gamble with a fair shot at success.

3) Race w/ Bigcat: we could all pile into the back of John's huge pickup, and fish the race with the wind to our favor. With the bluefins coming onto Stellwagon, the big cows usually make a run to the Race and we might be at the right place, right time in that scenario. Because I need to be back in beantown early, I would force the gang to leave way too early and so I'd opt for something else. It might be a great shot for those of you who have the day put aside though

4) Head of the Meadows: Here we can all park and leave at our own deadlines. The fishing would probably only hold up from pre-dawn (2 or 3 am) to a couple hours after (6-7 am), but if the fish come into pound bait in the bowl it could be epic. Hit or miss, as the ocean beaches always is for us mortals. You need to have a name like "Tony" to be a beachmaster" border="0" align="middle">

5) Hardings: Provided the dredging hasn't rattled the resident fish, the tide is perfect for an outgoing rip blitz on the hardings side of the Stage outlet. I was wondering if the dredging might even increase the channel flow and create a night time highway into the silverside buffet, bringing a good pack of large fish into Stage which would be vacating right when we plan to fish. I've seen this many times and am more surprised when it doesn't happen then when it does. A very good bet, Al knows how to call 'em.

6) In the mood for a gator? Cotuit / Wianno / Osterville: The tide is right and the fish are there. Bring wire, big swuid flies and expect big fish. I can share a secret spot or two here.

7) Southside river mouths: there is incredible amounts of bait in the Parkers, Bass and Herring River right now. It's small bait, but it's thick as plankton. With the blues cruising through and the cooler water holding keeper bass, it would be a very accessible pleasant morning with plenty of schoolies, a blue here or there early inshore, and a potential keeper bass during the dawn high. Keeper potential lower in this stretch but lots of action, maybe even another five pound fluke on my flyrod like last year! Two years back I hooked one of the biggest bass ever on a large pogie fly. The bass swirled after some snapper blues feeding on the tiny bait. I switched to the large fly with hopes of it looking like a snapper to the cow, it worked. Same time of year (relatively based on migration). Pleasant fishing but not a high ratio of big fish.

8) A bit early for the Wacky death march, but if Josko or Larry said the tunoids were around I'd be there in a heartbeat.

9) Bayside: fishing it hard from a boat has revealed some great full tide spots for me lately inthe vicinity of Paine's and Quivett Creeks. Easily reached, safe to fish on the drop, and the wind coming from the other side of the cape. Mostly schoolies but eager and sight fishing opportunities exist along the east edge of the Saint's landing bar. Due to the low keeper potential, I'd opt for another venue.

10) Pamet River Truro: There have been some nice bass around Wellfleet lately. I'd bet there are some nice fish in the Pamet, particularly on the predawn flood. Subject to the same short morning problems, probably better for a longer day out.

11) Chapin: My best times on Bass Hole have been during off hour high tides and the ensuing drop. They aren't always in Chase Garden but when they are, it's a melee. There have been keeper fish in the creek lately, I haven't heard within the last several days whether they are still in there or not but the dropping tide around the channel could be outstanding. It's also a great place to use a canoe or kayak to launch at Gray's on the Yarmouth side and fish up inside the creek in the deep holes during the drop. Shore fishing is best on the Dennis side. A good choice for the tide.

I'd have to say that my preference would be for South Beach. The parking's limited but it changed an awful lot lately and I watched some big bass breaking the morning before I took Rip Ryder a few weeks back. Haven't fished it all year, and there's something about the aesthetic of the place. It's hit or miss like all the spots, but with limited time it would be a fun place to spend the morning and some of the big fish in the area might be in tight to shore.

Caveat: Those who want to fish all day will have to leave by 9:30 or risk having their vehicles ticketed. I can suggest some all-day free parking locations for those who are fishing all day.

<font size="1"><font color="0000ff">Nick - if you want to fish the whole day, put aside the whole day Saturday and meet me at the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, just south of the lighthouse at Chatham. Once you're at the lighthouse, head south down the straight road down the hill (not the one that curves right). Take the right on Morris Island Road (with all the signs on the post) and follow that to the causeway where there is a little bay on the right. Once you pass the bay, there is a hill and near the top of the hill is a left hand turn with a little blue sign (refuge). The shuttle leaves at 8am sharp, try to be there a little earlier with $10 in your pocket for the ride over to the island. You won't be disappointed. <img src=" </font><!--1--></font><!--color-->

07-21-2000, 11:03 PM
I will be at the causeway 7:15ish Sat hope to see you guys then.

07-22-2000, 07:13 PM
So guys, what's the plan in the morning? My friend Chris has also decided to make the trip to the cape tomorrow morning, we just would llike to kow when and where to be. I am up for anything, all of Juro's suggestions sound good to me. Just can't wait to get out on the water and cast to some fish. Thanks, Nick

07-22-2000, 09:28 PM
Chatham Light is the place,hope to see you there.