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10-09-2000, 04:39 AM
What chart do you use for the following spots. Chatham Light, Nauset Beach, Nauset Inlet South Beach and North Monomoy Island. I find it rather confusing as to which chart to use. Everything is based off of Boston but adding and subtracting sometimes does not work.Tthanks for the help.

10-09-2000, 08:40 AM
Fishhawk -



Some report errors, I have seen no errors myself and I like the format...

Chatham Light - Chatham (inside)
Nauset Beach - Nauset Inlet
Nauset Inlet - Nauset Inlet
South Beach (inside) and North Monomoy Island - Stage Harbor

Also http://tbone.biol.sc.edu/tide/sitesel.html

and tides.com daily predictions