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Bob Pink
05-08-2000, 09:54 PM
My job offers the unusual opportunity to travel the length of the striper coast in New England. The size of my vehicle allows me to carry my basic gear for seizing an opportunity.
Maine, with it's bazillion miles of coastline structure, river systems and beaches deserves more attention. I've tried the Mousam, easy access and good variety. I've been to Popham with no success and spent a fun morning at Ferry Beach. I know this isn't even scratching the surface.
Without giving up the treasured honey-holes, are there experienced hands who'd be willing to give some pointers?

05-08-2000, 10:09 PM
I'll let the Main-iacs speak for themselves, but I spent several months in Bath working on the DDG 51 (database work) and spent some time in Reid State Park and Popham Beach, as well as some of the tidal inlets around Orr's and Bailey's islands. I did well at Popham in August, which fishes like any other sandy area - but the rest of the fishing (as you say gazillion inlets and coves) were hit or miss. When the fish were in a particular inlet or cove there were lots of locals fishing them to help you detect which ones to focus on. Being close to the 24 hour LL Bean store in Freeport helped get info any time too.

The thing I loved about coastal Maine is that it always felt like striper fishing in spring - even in mid-summer because the water is so bright and cool, and it looks kind of like Winnepesaukee with an attitude in those rocky fiords. Fishing bright mackerel patterns in those waters was always a pleasure and there are plenty of big fish in the rocks.

Well, that about taps my knowledge on the topic. I'd sure like to get up there again sometime this season.

05-09-2000, 05:35 AM
If you get up around Augusta try the Kennebec below where the dam was. There is some great striper fishing up there and some big brown trout and smallies to. Watch out for jumping sturgeon your heart skips a beat when they hit the water on a still morning.

05-09-2000, 09:51 AM
I've also heard the Kennebec is good in Augusta, but the mouth area is supposed to hold huge fish too.
I have a 4 day stay at Hermit Island booked this summer, camping just yards from the water. They have 5 miles of coast to themselves with boat launch and dock. Hoping it pans out. Oh ya, I've also fished the Thomas Point Beach area in Bath, on Labor Day weekend a few times. They host a great bluegrass music festival every year there. The stripers work their way up the long fingers of land that is characteristic of the Bath area. Lots of pogies in the water later in the summer.


05-09-2000, 10:37 AM

A couple of years ago(August)I rented a house in Biddeford ME. and fished from shore. High tide always seemed best in this area. Just beyond the mouth of the Saco River there are three islands. At the second island to the right of the mouth I witnessed blitzes of birds and fish of biblical proportions.

05-09-2000, 03:07 PM
Bob -

These links look pretty good...
<!--http--><a href="http://www.sacobaytackle.com/" target="_blank">saco bay tackle</a><!--url-->
<!--http--><a href="http://www.themaineguide.com/regions.html#zone_2" target="_blank">maine guide page</a><!--url-->

(not a heck of a lot on the web!)

steve moore
05-09-2000, 03:27 PM
Bob: Try walking the Marginal Way in Ogunquit and fishing the white water from the many rock outcroppings along the way. The mouth of the Ogunquit River and the other end of Moody Beach (moody point) are also good places. Rachel Carson in Wells has some awesome beach fishing and Wells Harbor can be very productive on an incoming tide.

05-09-2000, 04:32 PM
my suggestion is to hire a guide (not only because I am one) and hire one to fish on foot-unless you are towing a boat. The mouths of any of the rivers are good, the exact locations and tides are a different matter, I fish Casco and Saco Bay including the Saco, Scarborough and Spurwink Rivers. Buy a DeLorme map of Maine and begin to explore access, if you have specific questions emial me at meguide@gwi.net.