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: SW FF Swap - Ready to Ship!

03-01-2000, 09:35 PM
C/O Blue Northern Trading Co, the flies for the swap have been received and are ready for me to scramble and distribute. As promised, they will be sent in time to enjoy before the Wilmington Show.

The participants are (applause implied):

Nathan Smith
Dave Williams
Tom Dunlap
Bob Parsons
Gregg Estey
Bob Pink
Jim Whelan
Dick Ivers
Jim McCafferey
Chris Mountain
Juro Mukai

If you did not get mentioned, please reply or email me and I will go dig around at the shop. Chances are they are cleverly disguised as more fly stuff in Bob Desplaines flyfishing "sandbox".

If you are interested in hand delivery at the Wilmington show, let me know and I will not mail them. If you are interested in a get together at the show, even better - just say which day, AM/PM.

As usual, whenever I host a swap I am privilidged to see ALL the flies and am indebted for the extra swapmeister flies I've received.

Hope you enjoy yours,