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: Surviving w/o a pfd

06-07-2000, 04:13 PM
While a pfd is the best option by far, all of you wading fishermen out there should not ignore the great life preserver you are wearing on your legs - your waders.

By striping off your waders - sacrifice your boots to the deep - and placing them behind you, you can then pull them quickly over your head and into the water in front of you thereby trapping air in them. You can then inflate them further with a few lungfulls of air. It may look funny but they will provide a serious amount of bouancy - you can even sit on them by stradling the crotch while you wait for help. This also works with long pants, though not as well, if you tie knots in the legs.

Be safe,

06-07-2000, 04:53 PM
Great post Gregg,

One thing I would like to add especially for those off you who fish the flats or who are going to Monomoy this weekend is a compass. People die out here every year or two. Near death experiences are more common. We have all had them, especially when we were new to the sport and did not relize the strength of mother natures, tides, fog or the lay of the land and tidal influences. A cell phone for emergencies is nice to have also.


Randy Jones