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10-29-2000, 05:38 AM
Just got the Providence Sunday Journal. Tom, to his credit, posted some letters in rebuttal of his article Charade. As soon as the paper gets it onto it's website I will post the URL. I spent about one-half hour looking for it, it is not there yet. My guess he did not expect the response he got. I guess he just looks for controversy.

i'm so outta here
10-29-2000, 07:08 AM
<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Here it is</a><!--url-->

After a quick read, Tom Hoff's response strikes me as the most representative of what I was trying to get across in some of my own rants here on the board. Max Surkont's response typifies what we are up against in our fight to make catch and release work better.....

10-29-2000, 04:13 PM
THanks for the heads up. I was wondering abouth this myself.

Who is that John Marotta guy? I feel he definitely had the best response.


Nathan Smith
10-29-2000, 04:56 PM
One of the responses is from me and that is not what I said. For every line that was printed he left out 2 that where in between them. I was not nearly as biased as he made me out to be. I spoke about not making these arguments and working together. Also I thought his comments about our anger and the "Beatini's letter was not about the primitive methods of diagnosing breast cancer. It wasn't about hungry children or malnourished elderly in our community. It wasn't about pollution poisoning our waters. It was about fishing." comment was out of line. What a jerk.

10-29-2000, 10:25 PM
Great to see he printed replies from some VERY familiar names! I also liked those from our gang best

Although I respect his good word in publishing replies, I agree with Nate per his remarks in the prologue... they were really quite petty. We are all very passionate about issues other than fishing, but this issue (which HE started) was about... fishing - what a coincidence! With all due respect to those who know him as a friend and fishing partner, I take back my Barnacle comment. This kind of "journalism" is of the Howard Stern persuasion.

(Sorry Howard)

10-30-2000, 08:52 AM
Here's the original I sent (that he edited).

Mr. Mead:

How about bait fishermen? Striped bass swallow hooks along with the bait, killing many more fish than fly fishermen. That should be illegal.

How about treble hooks? I've caught many fish with scars from trebles -- adding to infection like your article states -- they too should be illegal.

How about all the children who go fishing -- obviously they don't have enough skill or the right equipment -- they'll have to wait 'till they get older to fish (sorry grandpa).

Let's make fishing illegal, yeah, that's it. Have the government come confiscate my fly rods and my son's Zebco, leaving me with just a tuna rod to catch schoolies with.

The brutal truth, Mr. Mead, is that there is no perfect answer -- catch and release is as close as we can come.

It is true, catch and release is sacred to most fishermen -- sacred in a way that I don't believe you understand. . .

You quote Louis Beatini, a striper fisherman for 40 years, and a fly fisherman for 35 of them, who contends that fly fishermen should carry a special license to fish
for stripers. Mr. Beatini then gives an example of a fly fisherman's excesses (foul hooking fish). Now, in the forty years that he's been spin fishing, has he seen any excesses?

Schoolies "released" from a fifty foot bridge, floating keepers bled-out through the gills, fish swimming with bobbers still attached to mono, fish "clubbed" and released,
coolers full of schoolies -- I've seen it all. . .

It's not a fly fishermen problem, it's not a bait or plug fishermen problem, it's a problem with people who don't truly believe in the meaning of catch and release -- which is to protect our resource so it will be around for our children. It means if you're foul hooking fish, changing your tactics or call it a day before you injure more fish, it means working water through a stripers gills until he swims off under his own power, it means talking to
(or turning in) those you see abusing the resource.

Yes your article pointed out the problem, but your short-sighted solution left so much to be desired. I'll just write it off to sloppy journalism and an approaching deadline.


10-30-2000, 09:52 AM
Well said, mojo!