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: Bonito encounter

08-14-2000, 12:03 PM
Saturday came with it's usual SNAFU's so I was heading on cape late. I called BobP Jr. earlier and was happy to get a call back from the vacationing fish hound. He told me that he was surrounded by bonito on the islands so I made a Uturn toward a southside inlet where I have landed exotics before.

I got there and the outgoing was pushing current longshore, meeting with the ebb flow in a 'vee'. Inside the calm eye of this current mix the baby pogies started to flash like twinkling stars. The east wind pounded surf as high as my face but I felt a certain electricity as a couple more FF'ers walked past the scup brigade to say hello. They told me of the 5 bonito that were landed there yesterday with fire in their eyes and suddenly a bigger than average bone erupted from the very spot, spraying pogies like little petals of mercury out of the water. Lucky I already had a fly tied, these guys hands were shaking like mad as they tried to rig.

I punched a cast into the wind and threw my back cast, with the wind it chirped a little drag as it straightened. I let the current swing the silverside pattern (no juvie flies small enough I thought) and let it settle into the vee. I jolted the fly, letting the current move it more than my strip. Again. Suddenly, TWANG!

My hair was standing striaght up as I thought to myself could it be? First time targeting them and a bone on the line? The fish made a zigzag and ran to one side, the heaviness was about right, then came up... a fat striper short. Then another. The shorts took up residence in the eddy.

Another bone porpoised in the bait in the uneasy compression of the tide against the rocks. I cast like mad trying every retrieve, nada.

A while later, another bonito came out like a rocket, looking more like a rotund salmon than anything else. More schoolies. I stood there frothing the water till the tide went nearly slack and decided to go for stripah in Chatham.

Made it as far as Dave P's awesome campsite (pictures coming) and a few glasses of Glenlivet (thanks Dave!). Chowed in class at Brewster fish house and never made the evening tide. Met up w/ Craig and John Morin at the light on Sunday AM (a 'miss' morning) and tucked into the backside of Morris for a few shorts out of the wind. Mad to cut it short mid-morning, ready for another shot at the bones next weekend!

08-14-2000, 02:45 PM
Your report has me PUMPED!!!!
Best of luck in the pursuit of bonito!!!!
Doug B.