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: Where's Nate?

10-01-2000, 06:16 PM
After the spirited call to arms, did anyone hook up with Nate Smith? I know he was hitting the canal that night, I hope he got a crack at 'dem cows.

i'm so outta here
10-01-2000, 06:20 PM
We hit a few spots on the west end around 3 AM looking for him and then high tailed it to Chatham where his truck was distinctly absent from the lot. Hope you're all right, Nathan.

10-02-2000, 07:57 AM
I spotted Nate in the Swift River early yesterday afternoon.
I asked why he was not on the Cape and he mentioned something about breaking a fly rod at the Canal the day before. I am sure he will pop up here and explain.

Oh yeah, caught a bunch of little brookies yesterday both on a dry and the dropper

Nathan Smith
10-02-2000, 08:45 AM
Sorry everyone about ditching everyone. I was really looking forward to the fishing. I get to the Canal about 11:00, and start working the Pip's ripe area. The fishing actually started consistantly hitting bait arounf 12:00 at the dead tide and really started going nuts the first part of the falling tide. As I was fishing I got careless with my back cast and must have caught the rocks high up on my leader or fly line at full extention because as I came forward the line pulled back really hard and turned my 9" Sage into a 6 1/2 foot Sage. On every other trip I have taken I have carried my 7wt as a back-up but would you know it not tonight. I just couldn't drive all the way to boston and back so I decided to call it a weekend. This is the second time in 2 months I have broken my rod (no problems with the rod, I just need to be more careful). I was frustrated to say the least. It looks like you have a good weekend at least. One good note though.
I hit the Swift Sunday and caught the best fish I have ever caught outside the deerfield. It was a fat 16" bow. About 1/2 way down the fishable section there is a nice graval bed. On it the fish seemed to be in spawning mode, even thought those fish will never spawn. A few larger bows were chasing a bunch of smaller brookie's off the bed tring to claim territory. I try on a #16 humpy and start working the brookies in the back planning to work my way up. Then I cast to a brookie just behind and to the inside of a really nice bow. As the brookie goes for it the bow rushes over almost jumping over the brookie's back and takes it and then goes running. Nice fish. Caught a few more brookie's too. it was nice to see Bob on the river. All and all I like that little river but I wish it didn't get so much pressure. There where 9 fishermen on that river that day. I bet there are almost always 3-4 guys on that river from April to October. We really need to put more work into developing some more rivers in the area. I can think of 5 or six local stream that can be good brookie and brown rivers with some more work. Is anyone a memeber of TU and can gewt me involved?