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: Sunday Chatham Light

08-20-2000, 11:55 AM

First let me say that I am really glad that the Boneclave went smoothly for all of you on Saturday. I was busy on Saturday so I couldn't attend but I did get a chance to head on down to Chatham Light this morning (Sunday).

Despite the early hour I was fired up over the thought of landing a few keeper bass this morning as I drove down to the Cape. I pulled into the parking lot across from the lighthouse at around 4:45 AM and I quickly threw on my waders. I then grabbed my 9 wt and hit the dark blue waters immediately below the lighthouse. About 10 minutes later I landed a swollen 24 inch schoolie. I was thrilled over this little bass because I have not landed a fish in over 7 weeks! I was out of the country vacationing in the sands of the Middle East for the month of July. Unfortunately there are no stripers in the Syrian desert. I also got skunked at Poppy last Sunday so this was my first fish since a trip to Monomoy in June.

Anyway, despite some nice looking rips and birds galore I didn't land a fish for the rest of the morning. Plenty of terns and gulls working hard but I could not find the fish under them. The only guys I saw hooking up consistently were a crew of 3 fishing from individual kayaks. That was a great site to see but it also made me resent the fact that I left my kayak at home.

I did see one SWFF hauling a 37" bass off of the beach at around 8:30 AM. Looks like he got the fish I was dreaming about all week.

I didn't get into many fish this weekend but I was really just happy to be out there again.

Take care and good luck.


08-20-2000, 12:54 PM
If it's any consolation, I was also there (a little earlier than you), and didn't get so much as one hit in two hours. One group of guys leaving as I was arriving didn't get one fish in six hours! If that ain't doldrums...;)


08-24-2000, 09:56 AM
The bass was actually 39" (careful neasurement at home) and weighed 20 1/4 pounds. Nice fish! Nice fight! Nice dinner (compliments of JeffS's culinary skills)!!

08-24-2000, 11:23 AM
I stopped at Chatham light on my way to Rip Ryder to have a look - hadn't fished there before. I was making my way out to the point, thinking it was pretty dead, when less than 15 feet away I hear this huge sucking sound (like an air starved 4 barrel carburator)and see a large splash. Immediatly got shakey and weak kneed. Made a couple of feeble casts and moved on.

Went to Monomoy, picked up some cookie cutter schoolies on the east side, then moved to the channel between North and South Monomoy. Wind was tough onto my casting arm (out of the NW) but even with the chop on the water visibility was good and many fish (not cookie cutters and typically large) were sighted. Had one hookup and loss. Changed lines from QD to clear intermediate and tied on a larger sandeel pattern. Damn terns kept grabbing the fly. First time thats happened to me. After 1 to 1.5 hours of backcasting in that wind I'd had it and headed back up the east side. Ended up with a sore shoulder, probably due to the sloppy backcasting. Going to have to work on that.

Fred A

08-24-2000, 09:40 PM

It was 39"? Hot diggety. Sorry to shave a few inches off on you. I was just relaying the beachside story.