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: Sunday AM in the Haba

10-15-2000, 02:14 PM
Having read mixed results (1 good, 1 bad) on other boards, I decided to venture into the harbor this AM. Well, they may be on route from the North Shore, but they certainly weren't there today. Hit all of my normally productive spots with nothing to show for it, and ended up off of Castle Island around 7 under clouds of birds- but very few fish. Unlike last week, I could count the number of breaking fish today- on one hand. Ended up with a few small schoolies before everything shut down, narrowly avoiding the "S" work. Looks like the boat is going into hibernation for the season.

On the plus side, it's hard to complain too much about being on the water on a beautiful, calm, fairly warm morning at the end of October- won't be too many more like today, I'd imagine.

10-15-2000, 08:51 PM
Marvin, I went out in the afternoon and we fished just about every rock pile and outcroping between Boston Light and Graves light and the Gut ,I think it's called as well as other places recommended. There were some boats working at the red bell bouy and picking up some schoolies every once in a while. My daughter caught a mini Mackeral and the daughter of my buddy caught one.. That was it but you were right about the weather.. perfect. Well ,that about it for me this year. I may fish school house pond or Goose pond in Chatham over the next few weeks for Trout. Time to take out the 3, 4 and 5 wts. So, any fishing posts by me will be on the Trout board . See you on this board or next year. Also maybe at the two flyfishing shows this winter.

10-16-2000, 11:13 AM
John -

I think I just heard the big girls breathe a sigh of relief upon your confession.

It was a great time fishing with you this year, and I look forward to next year. You might see me flicking the 5wt before it's all over!

10-16-2000, 11:21 AM
Juro, what can I say , the feeling is mutual, but don't forget that there is still Trout fishing in the Capes kettle ponds. the two ponds I mention have Rainbows and browns and the season ,as you know, goes late. Nickerson has Salmon and Trout, etc. Not a bad way to spend a short November day, or even into December with the sink tips.I will obviously keep in touch thought this board and continue to stare at my jar filed with shells, rocks, crab legs, etc, which I collected from South Monomoy for the very purpose of putting on my office desk.. Oh Boy, do I need help...