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: Yankee fleet discriminates against FF

07-11-2000, 02:30 PM
Mike gave me a trip on the Yankee Patriot for my Birthday and I used the certificate yesterday.

I showed up on the docks with my 10wt. and fast sinking line ready for some action. THEY WOULDN'T LET ME ON THE BOAT! They said I couldn't flyfish from the Patriot and I assured them I was quite capable of it as I had become pretty good with my roll and steeple casts. They explained further that it was not my ability that concerned them but that they did not allow flyfishing. I said that's discrimination which they freely admitted and continued to not allow me on the boat. Infuriated I feighnted left and moved right trying to get past the deck hand. My stripping basket foiled my efforts by getting snagged on the hand rail and giving the deck hand a chance to grab my wading belt. He deposited me back on the dock and told me to leave the area (I have eddited his more colorful language). As I walked away I told them they haven't heard the last of me and that the ACLU would be very interested in their discriminatory practices.

I got back to my truck, changed clothes, put on a different hat, and put on sunglasses before grabbing my deep water rig and heading back to the boat. As I boarded the Patriot I said "Man, did you guys see that loon with a fly rod and a washtub strapped to his belly? I wonder what the hell he thought he was doing?" I got a couple of curious looks but was allowed to take a seat next to Michael who pretended not to know me for the first half of the trip.

The catching was good and the crew kept the lost time from tangles from the fifty lines to a minimum.

07-12-2000, 10:11 PM
Hey let's charter the whole boat and show up with FF rods only!

I guess I can see their point, but don't agree with them on their policies. I would be equally objectionable about a meat liner on Monomoy but that wouldn't give me the right to remove them.

Oh well, it seems you did the best possible thing by going back on board the clever way you did! Hope you put some whitefish fillet in the freezer.

Say when are you hitting Monomoy next?

07-13-2000, 03:22 PM
Oh yes! Plenty of cod and cusk in the freezer. I'm looking forward to the fish'n'chips dinners as well as the fish chowder.

Our next Monomoy adventure is this Saturday. We will be launching the kayaks a little after 4am and working the last three hours of the dropping tide on the N.Monomoy flats and if it stays good we'll work the rising tide. If things are slow we might head for the South Beach flats since we are more familiar with them. Should we keep our eyes open for you? Or if you can get your hands on a kayak perhaps you can join us.

07-13-2000, 05:00 PM
Gregg -

You might consider launching off the causeway? Not knowing the design of the yaks you're using, or the conditions / wind and distance you wild dudes plan to explore (South tip? WOW); the inside channel might make the start and end of the journey less eventful than before.

Since there are two of you, you have flexibility with the launch and park dynamics. You can launch anywhere you want, it's the parking that kills you. If there is a launch near a public parking spot, one could tow the other yak to the rendezvous and reverse it on the way back.

I hope my Hardings recommendation did not contribute to your misfortune last time out! I will be out there one day for sure, two if my wife lets me.