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: Spring Clave-*Blossoms in the Snow*-Update

04-26-2000, 02:06 PM
Well it's no secret the wheather is in a long pattern of unseasonable coldness. We all know the striper migration has been stunted by at least 2 weeks and still counting. And, there is more cold wet wheather forcast for this weekend through Sunday. Not to mention, it's been snowing all day out my window. The best scenario would be: big warmup begins monday, stripers show up that week!
Barring that: it's time to see what everyone wants to do with the Clave. I'm open to all options, schedules permitting.


1. Wait till next Mon. then decide

2. Just go ahead and do it, damn the torpedos, trout fish the ponds in the snow if we have to.

3. Cancel it and never speak of it again in any language on the North American continent.

4. Reschedule to one of the following weekends: (this can be very hard and I know some people might miss, yet others can now join).

May 13-14: Mothers day is out,
May 20- I absolutley can't do due to a recital.
May 27- Memorial Weekend- doubt it, for many people this is a family weekend, but not out of the question for me.

June 3rd- Also too close to Monomoy Clave but possible.

Basically if the Monomoy Clave is real, we will be in cancellation mode. Of which I will go anyways and all are welcome to join me still, and those who want to cancel to preserve valubale fishing time (and home points) I understand.

Ok gang, thoughts please.


04-26-2000, 03:07 PM
Terry -

I think your option to stay the course is the best one. Due to the following weekend schedules, this is the only slot for a spring investigation, and realistically first spring trips are rarely blitz sessions. I always work for early fish, no biggie to me.

There are some reports of big fish following the herring (finally) and we can't be too far off. I know the shoreline down to Nobska pretty well, and I'm sure there will be fish around the Cotuit/Osterville/Falmouth stretch by then so if we need to drive to them, no big deal.

If nothing else we will have a good time fishing, and there are some incredible trout ponds in the area as well. Despite my earlier questions, lets stay on schedule. In fact I am going to do all I can to put time aside to probe around the Vineyard Sound shoreline a little this weekend.

Thanks for all you work,

04-26-2000, 07:22 PM
I guess stay the course.

My schedule is open May 13th, but after that I'm going to be bussier then a one legged man in a butt kicking contest (work travel x2 + wife's graduation). My first open weekend is June 10th (hmm, that date rings a bell). My biggest logistical proplem is getting the boat ready. The weather has made it virtually impossible. I did do some work on Patriots Day, but have more to do. One thing I did do was to dismantle the 2x4 tee-pee framing I had built to keep the snow from caving in my tarps. So guess what I came home from work today to, sure enought, 4" of heavey wet snow caved in my tarp! Worse case senario is that I'll be shore-bound for Terry's Clave. CUM-MON SPRING!

Nathan Smith
04-26-2000, 11:18 PM
Maybe everyone should bring their 5wt. and some bass fishing equipment. If the stripers aren't there we can hit the ponds as a back up.

Jay C.
04-27-2000, 07:50 AM

While I understand your hesitation, I think we should stay the course until we get closer to D-day. Even if we end up putting time into scouting I think it is time well spent and I agree with someone else's comment that the following weeks
have complications with play-off games, graduations, and holidays that make re-scheduling difficult.

Keep the fingers crossed that New England weather does it's usual turnabout...

Jay C.

04-27-2000, 07:59 AM
Ok gentlemen. I agree. I'm there either way. I just wanted to show some flexibility for those who don't want to waste valuable time away from the home fires. And the weather has been really lousy. At this point it sorta reminds me of a spring trip to Maine in black fly season. Warm clothes needed. OK full steam ahead! Can't wait.

TerryW (whose ready for anything)

04-27-2000, 08:02 AM
All very good points. The trout fishing is in high gear and it's my normal annual practice to spend a lot of time scouting each spring - often without casting more than a few times. If it helps, I have a large number of spots to share from 27 years on the cape.

04-27-2000, 08:18 AM
Keep it were it is the fish are wet anyway" border="0" align="middle">

You Know what will happen if you change the date temps will be in the 70s and fish will be busting all over?

May 8-off to the Keys to get married and 10 day honeymoon with tarpon and bonefishing squeezed in there to <img src="

May 20-not one but 2 daughter inlaws expecting babys around the 20th.

June 11- wedding recption.

My main concern is I havent casted my 12wt in a year I can just here my guied yelling at me now got to get out this weekend and get some casting practice in.

Dam the torpedos stright ahead captian.


04-27-2000, 08:41 AM
Thanks John. You still daytripping? Sat? I beleive we will gather at the End of W. Dennis Beach (Bass River Jetty) at
5:00 to 5:30 am (Sunrise is at 5:30.) I will post an input on agenda call middle next week and we can hammer out a more accurate game plan.

Greg: Don't sweat the boat. I'm actually looking forward to pounding the coast on foot too. We still have a few boats to explore in. I just got my new gravel guards from Cabellas!