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09-15-2000, 11:35 AM
A usual, the heart starts pounding with adrenaline this time of year with fish busting everywhere (up and down the seacoasts). We all are looking to exceed that fish we've been talking about all summer thus far!!!
For those of you living on the North Shore :
these past two nights in Newburyport (@ Joppa Flats) have been INSANE!
Fish have been all over the flats and of considerable size!
What initially has looked like Blues slamming the surface, have actually been stripers "finning" for there dinners.
These fish are cruising in only 3-4 ft of water. One keeper caught last night spit out a fairly large silverside (4-5"). I have not seen any large schools of Bunkers, which seem to be cruising the ocean side!
Hopefully these guys will stick around for at least another few weeks and then off to Boston, Cape, etc.
Happy Fishing!!!

09-15-2000, 11:53 AM
Hmm...maybe we should crank up the pre-work P.I crews again.
The NWR is a possiblity too. Sul? Grego? Juroid? After the storm perhaps early next week. Have to check the tides.


09-15-2000, 11:59 AM
Nope, tides stink in the am. next week. This was the week, we shouldn't have gone to the Boneclave!


09-15-2000, 01:37 PM
I am always fishing the cape but live in Winchester and I thought I might try the north shore. Years ago I surf fished plum Island but have not been back since then. It's been 10 years atleast. The Boss at home is restricting my trips to our place in Chatham so I could probably make a half day trip up to PI. My question is could I get directions from someone to the so called Joppa Flats and some other suggestions (In General) about other areas up there. Thanks

09-15-2000, 02:00 PM
Will be there this weekend and considering pre-work trips when the tides are appropriate. Count me in...

09-15-2000, 02:06 PM

Are you in a boat or wading the flats?

I'm heard the mouth and NWR have been hot last couple of days too.

09-15-2000, 02:16 PM
JOPPA CLAVE!!!!!!!!!!! <font size="4"></font><!--4-->

09-15-2000, 02:17 PM
What about PI beachfront? During the day? Don't discount the beachfront this time of year at PI in the surf with all the dropoffs and bowls. There are some big blues up there that will be migrating too.

I'm headed home to visit the fam and plan on trying the beaches during the day Saturday and Sunday at Crane's. I may acutally use a 10' surf rod too. I'll be the guy with a two year old in tow, or maybe I'll be in tow.

09-15-2000, 03:58 PM
Juro, Can you give me directions to the Joppa flats.... Thanks. Best tides?

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Get to Newburyport. Go thru town, bear left at the fork to head east on Plum Island Tpke. Just as you leave town, there is a little park on the left that runs along the water. There is a little boat launch next to a house on the left. Park next to the launch, but there is only room for a few cars.

Choose low tide, 1.5 hours before to 1.5 hours after. Walk out a long distance (mucky bottom) to the channel. When the water bottoms out the fish often spend the low tide in the channel and it can be red hot. They also rush thru with the incoming, but be careful or you will swim.

*** I do not recommend fishing here in shorts, you should probably wear waders due to muck, organisms, etc ***

There are clean beach fishing areas along the Wildlife refuge and Plum Island beachfront. Keep going past the flats and cross the bridge. Take the first right to fish the refuge, go straight ahead and access the beachfront of P/I all along the road. Keep going to the end to access Plum Island and the mouth of the Merrimac - right at the coast guard sign and park at the lot.

Choose early / late high tides for beachfront, might have to settle for mid-day highs this weekend.

Good luck,


09-15-2000, 05:36 PM
Juro, thanks alot...those are grear directions.

09-15-2000, 10:52 PM
One note: You'll need to park selectively along the strip of cottages between the first beach access at the corner and the coast guard station. With these tides, the best fishing will be at Joppa and at the coast guard station access to the plum island / merrimac river mouth. The trench right in front from the charter boats to the bend will hold fish on the bottom of the tide, fish it just like you do at the lighthouse.

good luck,