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: Striper board pulls into lead

05-09-2000, 08:10 PM
In the hustle and bustle, this board just passed the Worlwide Flyfishing Discussion board with the most number of posts. I was watching it last week. It must have happened in the last couple of days. But...what does it all mean grasshopper?


05-09-2000, 10:17 PM
I applaud you with the sound of one hand clapping. Don't rip the rice paper on the way out

Oh no a Quai-chang segue...

A handicapped guy wanted to study with a master but was deathly afraid of staying in the temple after dark. He was blind, and had to walk a long way among horses and carts on a narrow busy road to get home. During the lessons, he was always obsessed with the arrival of dusk, asking the Zen master if it had become dark yet and thus unable to absorb his teachings.

One day the master kept the student enagaged with discussion until long after dusk. He grimly informed the student that it had grown very dark, and the disciple panicked. The master said "don't worry - take my lantern". This relieved the student who happily departed toward his house into the night. He walked proudly among the thundering hooves of horses in the dark holding the lantern high, made totally confident by his master's lantern.

A horseman suddenly stopped and asked "do you need a ride to town?". The student laughed "that's ridiculous - why would I need a ride when I have my master's lantern?". The horseman said "the lantern has never been lit" as he rode away.

The student was suddenly enlightened.