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07-01-2000, 01:17 PM
Hawkeye was that you towing a fish up South Beach this morning" border="0" align="middle">

The word at the Rip Ryder was someone took a monster of a fish? It looked like you that walked by me with
a fish in tow.

I left on the 11:45 boat I got a few fish with 2 over 30 was a great morning on the flats<img src="


07-02-2000, 07:04 AM
Hi John -

Sounds like a great day Saturday... we left some for ya! I noticed that the wind shifted from stiff southeast to light north in the AM and I knew Monomoy would be a great place to be (Sat). On Friday, we had cloud cover and rafts of weed over the flats to boot. The wind coming from north and lack of cloud cover must have been nice for you.

See you on the water,

07-02-2000, 10:05 AM
Hey John,

Yup that was me caught in the act of taking one home. They taste so good that it is hard for me to resist. I'm at a 50% keep rate which sounds high until you learn I've only landed two keepers this year. Maybe if I ever get as good at this as I am with trout I can boast a similar 98 to 99% release rate.

Our trip to South Beach on Saturday was nothing short of GREAT! We arrived at the flats at about 4am and they were loaded with willing fish most of which were in the high 20's. To make it even better we had the whole place to ourselves. The two best flys for me were a clouser with white, blue, and black and a sparse white and olive sand eel. We also had some fun with a few eager fish on poppers. The 33" fish I was caught walking away with took the sand eel pattern and made a fair attempt at running for Monomoy while showing me a few feet of my backing. I managed to keep my thumb out of the way as I palmed my reel so I guess I may be getting used to the manual drag system.

Most of our fish were caught by 6am though we did find a few in the tide pool we discovered last Sunday and a few more in the trench as the tide turned back up. With the holiday weekend promising to crowd the place up pretty good we left at about 10.

Though it is a killer walk, I think Mike and I will be making this a regular outing. It's safe to say we are hooked on the flats thing and the extra work it takes to get there before the crowds is well worth it. If there are any willing death marchers out there we would love the company. Perhaps it could be a mini clave gathering? I think I am going to try to talk Mike into hitting it again on the 4th.


I owe you an apology. Last week I posted about a strange and huge fish and you said it was probably a seal. I was sure it wasn't but on Saturday Mike saw the same thing but with better light and sure enough it was a seal. Sorry for not taking your word for it.

07-02-2000, 01:46 PM

The guy fishing off to my left( Larry) had fish tailing and grubbing in front of him and did very well with a sand eel fly.

I was fishing a (Merkin Crab) and the the big fish sucked it right down.

Great job on the keeper if you put the effort in you are rewarded is what I say.

Tight Lines

07-02-2000, 08:25 PM
South Beach has been outstanding this season! Congrats and hey it's not those of us who judiciously keep a fish on rare occasions that do the damage... it's those filleted schoolie carcasses on the beach that are the real concern. We who count the fish we choose to keep on one hand are well within our rights and ethics. Enjoy!

Per the seal, thank goodness - I've been twisting my brain over it for weeks!