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: Slow Day on Monomoy 9/17

09-18-2000, 04:41 PM
Incoming tide (LT around 9:15am) and sunny sky looked good for site fishing Monomoy Sunday, so I took the 8am (Outermost) shuttle to N Monomoy. I was the ONLY person on the shuttle. In fact I saw only one other person (in a Kayak) fishing all day. Blind casted into the trenches until it was time to move back toward the island. Scoured the flats for a couple of hours moving back with the tide. Later tried the channel north of the shuttle drop off point. Even tried the areas near the drop off point. No hook ups. Only saw one fish all day - one that followed my fly out of the trenches after I hooked a 12 inch piece of seaweed! Tried very large flies after that, but no luck. It was very windy all day - I'll blame the wind. Seriously, any other ideas why it was so slow? Visiblity was actually pretty good in spite of the wind. I think I would have at least seen fish if they were around.

On the bright side, I really enjoyed the gorgeous day - an entire island to myself. On the return shuttle, there were 4 of us on the boat (the captain brought his two dogs to pick me up). On the way home (around 3pm) I stopped at Chatham light. Hundreds of birds diving between the beach and outer bar. Tried casting there for a while but all the action was two far out.

09-18-2000, 05:17 PM
Stopped at Chatham light at about 6:00am with the intent of catching the 8:00 shuttle to Monomoy. Fished for about an hour before making my way back. Talked to a flyfisher who had been there most of the night. It had been slow. Has I started back people were starting to hook up, with plugs and eels. Should of stayed. Got to the causeway and not a soul around. Wind seemed tough out of the west so I decided to head up to Dennis, visit and head over to the bay. The wind out the west was stirring things up and the chop made the beach pretty much unwadable. I flogged for a couple of hours anyhow. People on the beach had to think I was either the incurable optimist or the village idiot. Anyhow, I got in some good "casting in the wind" practice.

Fred A