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: Well, it is sea-run but not PNW

02-27-2013, 02:33 PM
Just returned from TdF (La Villa de Maria Behety). A pretty extraordinary week. We were only 5 anglers in the lodge as one had a medical emergency a couple of days before and didn't make it. We 5 caught 152 fish for the week. Here's their report for the week for both EMB (12 anglers) and La Villa (5).
Yep, I'm the Bill K. My largest was 25 lbs.

Estancia Maria Behety

River conditions and weather: The first two days of the week were very windy. We also had some showers. The water is very clear and the river is dropping 2 or 3 inches every week. Water temperature was between 41F and 55F.

Lines: Skagit lines with T-11, T-14 and T-17 from 5to 15. Intermediate and slow sinking tips were also used. Scandi lines were used for skating bombers and tube flies and worked well.

Flies: The best flies were nymphs: Tdf prince, EMB, Prince Nymph, Red Tail and some other nymphs. Green machines, TDF taxi, Small and medium size wooly buggers; olive, brown and black, with and without rubber legs and Yuk Bugs. For the last hour of the day big leeches, intruders or tube flies worked best.

On Friday, Steve Brown and Dean Smith had a great morning session. They landed 17 fish! Dean landed 10, a 25 pounder fresh male and 4 fish between 15 and 20 pounds. Steve landed 7 fish, 2 over 15 pounds and a 20 pounder.

The average weight of sea-trout landed was 8 pounds, and 22 fish over 15 pounds and 7 over 20 pounds were landed.

Our top rod was Steve Brown with 22 fish landed!
A 22.5 pounder was landed by Steve Wise
A 25 pounder and a 20.5 ponder were landed by Dean Smith.
A 22 pounder was landed by Bob Roden
A 23 pounder was landed by Justin Miller
A 22 pounder and a 20 pounder were landed by Steve Brown


Federico Molinolo
Head guide Maria Behety Lodge

La Villa Maria Behety

Another stunning week for La Villa de Maria Behety - another week of records!

This time we had the visit of Steve W. from Scotland, Bob M., Bill K. and John D. from the USA and Jean Marc F. from France. Sadly, Fred M. had to cancel at last minute. Fortunately, he's better right now. On behalf of the Staff and Guides of La Villa, we hope he gets well soon and to see him next year.

The weather was cooler this week. The temperatures ranged between 16 and 4 Celsius. The water temperature was rather cold, compared to the last few weeks. We had the lowest mark for the season so far: 4 Celsius, but the last 3 days the water got in the range between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. Certainly much better for the fishing!

The water level is still dropping, although we had some light rains. The water is as clear as you can get on the Rio Grande.

Let's talk about the fishing now. The best of the best! We got even more fish than last week, and what is remarkable is that it was achieved by only 5 anglers. The best for the 2013 season so far.

The average weight of sea-trout landed was 9. 98 lbs.
Loads of big fish, 41 over 15lbs, and 13 were over 20lbs. In fact, every single fisherman got a fish of at least 21 pounds this week!

We also got the biggest sea trout of the season, it was proudly landed by Bob M., and it weighted 27lbs. His biggest ever!

Steve W. was again the top rod with 41 fish landed. It was his best week in 11 years fishing here. A very special mention must be made to Bob M. and Bill K. with 38 and 37 fish respectively. Theses 3 guys were on fire! Bill K. had a fish every session, so he joins Philip D. to the no blank session club this year. Congratulations!

A new record was set at La Villa de Maria Behety, Diego Motter that guided on the Grande for 15 years, had his best session ever. Bill and Bob landed 31 fish on Wednesday morning. It was impressive that 27 of those fish were 10 pounds plus, a really good excuse for a champagne toast at lunch time!

The fishing techniques were similar to last week, the key was to present the flies deep in the pools. Fifteen feet of T14 and T17 worked excellent.

We had the chance of fishing on top the warmer days, and raise some big fish!

Nymphs, such as Aurelia Prince, TDF Prince, EMB Rubber-legs, and small tubes worked well during the day. In the evenings the classic leaches and Sunray Shadows did the trick.

A great week that will be difficult to forget, thank you all.
Best Regards,

Federico Zimmermann
Head Guide. La Villa de Maria Behety