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09-17-2012, 11:00 AM
Been, and continues to be, the best summer run season we've had since 2002 based upon hatchery counts. Better yet, based on lower river net counts the wild to hatchery fish are about dead even. Fall Kings are also showing up in good numbers off the river mouth.

They appear to be holding back until the river cools down. With our cool, to cold nights that shouldn't be too long from now. Day time times are still high (last Wednesday it hit 100 degrees!) but 40 - 50 degree temp swings are now the norm.

09-17-2012, 02:28 PM
Ive been day-dreaming a lot about it Fred...

here's a pic Jim Shaughnessy (Beulah Fly Rods) posted from the Rogue recently...

(photo J. Shaughnessy all rights reserved)

09-18-2012, 12:06 PM
Nice fish!

I've never caught a decent sized Steelhead on the Rogue, but have had loads of fun with the quarter-pounders. Wish I could go this year. Sounds great!

09-18-2012, 02:13 PM
Alrighhhttt. I am taking my "friend" on a guided three day with two lodge nights October 8,9,10.:cool: Totaly spontaneous. Luck is good, I never turn my back on it!!!
Thanks for the report.

09-21-2012, 01:43 PM
Nice fish!

I've never caught a decent sized Steelhead on the Rogue, but have had loads of fun with the quarter-pounders. Wish I could go this year. Sounds great!

Eric, you want to fish the Rogue from Mid-September through the end of the year for 'big' summer runs. River actually has a "A" and a "B" run. The 'A's' are the hatchery fish and they'll (on average) run 3 - 5 pounds. The 'B-boys' are the Native fish.

Those will run 6 to as much as 10. One way or the other you hook Mr. "B" you know you've got a hell of a fish on the end of your line. As 9-1 to 10-31 is fly only you've got most of the river to yourself. Fall Kings are also starting to show up (READ THE REGS AS TO WHERE YOU CAN FISH FOR THEM!!) and the critter's will take the same flies you'd be chucking for Steelies.

Chomp and fish on it could be 'anything.' :eek:


09-26-2012, 11:16 AM
Hey, Fred,

I had an excellent chance last year when my brother and I took off for a three day float through the W&S section. We put in Oct. 9 and made it to Telegraph Flat below Horseshoe Bend for our first camp. There's a nice tail out there where I've had good luck before, but NaDa that evening.

Weather worsened over-night, and we woke up in rain, so, wanting to pack up and get floating, I didn't fish early.

That afternoon, we set up camp opposite Brushy Bar on one of my absolute favorite drifts. Right after the last tent poles were set and our equipment arranged to dry out as best it could, I rigged up and started in at the head of the bar. I was more than confident of success, as I'd caught half-pounders along this stretch with almost monotonously regularity in years past.

Imagine my deflation, when, after probing 100 yards of A-class water I hadn't had a touch. Bewildering, but I soldiered on down the next 200 yards or so of drift remaining.

With the same non-result.

I was sure the fish were there, as you point out, the river is full of fish that time of year, but, maybe due to the rain (which really wasn't all that much) or some other factor unbeknownst, I got royally skunked for the trip.

Nevertheless, I go down the Rogue in late September/early October any chance I could get. A very special place, especially in early Autumn.



10-03-2012, 04:47 PM
Down that far Eric, the most you'll find (skunked or not) would be half pounders. And usually a hell of a lot of them. By this time of the year, the bulk of 'steelhead' are already above the W&S section of the river.

That said, the hatchery counts have been over the top. Best run (in the collecting pond) since 2002. Game department is making regular runs of tanker trucks back down to Gold Hill for 're-treading.' You can tell one of these fish as it will have a hole punched in its gill plate.

We're FINALLY getting some cooler weather which will help a lot. Up to a couple of days ago 90+ was the norm, not the exception. Fish from first light and toss it in by 11AM. Back an hour before dark if you want more.

The 'cooler' weather (low 80's) will keep the river temp down to a better level mid day. That said, no rain in the forecast through next weekend (some cloud cover on Sat/Sun).

Juro, vis a vis Beulah Fly Rods my memory tickles me that their 'home office' is here in Medford (OR).

10-05-2012, 03:40 PM
Leaving in the morning will be fishing above Galice on Sunday and making the float trip Monday for 3 days. Weather is sounding delightful.
Then we will head NE and checkout the Wenatchee and Methow!
After all that I will get to go fishing!!!! Hopefully the Thompson will open if not I just may have to go bother Steve and Tracy in the "Hood":lildevl:

10-15-2012, 11:20 AM
Weather was fantastic and the Boat Ride was super! Not many adult steelheads but enough to make a few smiles. Loads of half pounders day 2 and more on day three. Person could do just fine walking in to the water down around Foster Bar and Agnes.
Not looking very good for the Thompson opening this year, But... The Methow and such open in the morning. Tight lines.:smokin: