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: What bonefish fly & when?

09-13-2012, 09:55 AM

What type fly would you go to first at Deep Creek?

When I fish in Vermont it seems more methodical to choose a fly. You can match the hatch, throw a searching pattern to likely holding areas or if there is no hatch tie on a nymph.

In Eleuthera when fishing the ocean side I almost always tie on a small chartreuse bonefish clouser that I tie. And have great luck. When I hit the flats I'm more unsure of what to do. Merkin Crab, Gotcha, Charlie, Slider, etc...

Is there a rule of thumb on how to approach this issue? For example would crabs be better on the first of the incoming tide because shrimp may only arrive as the tide pushes them in over time?

Are there other clues to look for?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.