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: Roster Change - Rip Trip IV (Labor Day)

09-01-2000, 05:18 PM
<font color="ff0000"><b>Roster at 06:15 09-02-00</b></font><!--color-->

1) Juro
<font color="ff0000">2) Fred A (replaces Juro's son)</font><!--color-->
3) John
4) Son#1
5) Gregg Estey
6) Mike Estey
7) Dave P
8) Craig
9) Nathan Smith
10) BigCat (replaces Roop)

Wait List:

1) Brian Zinc
2) Jack White

<b>FRED - please confirm.</b>

09-01-2000, 11:42 PM
I am in hope the weather holds up.

09-02-2000, 05:07 AM
Great, John! Since you caught the first fish of the rip trip series (on your first cast as I recall) it'll be great to get you out there again.

They're saying cool with showers. Thunderstorm threat has been withdrawn from the <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">weather report</a><!--url-->. My opinion is that this will only heat up the fishing action.

I just hope a few showers won't keep the shuttle from going out.

09-02-2000, 05:19 AM
<b><center>*** NEWS FLASH ***</center></b>

Due to his preference for balancing playtime and school obligations over the long weekend, my son will have to back out of the trip. Therefore the next waitlister is FredA (see the roster above).

Please review the roster and confirm you attendance.


09-02-2000, 07:01 AM
Sorry I can't make it - the family is calling in a marker on one of my earlier escapades/ missed family affair.

I'm glad Bigcat is stepping in. Let me know if the new gear helps him land fish BEFORE he gets his first cast out.