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: Striper Fly Line Favorites?

05-24-2012, 12:29 PM
With the constantly changing marketplace its good to revisit this topic once in a while to keep the Forum community's knowledge 'fresh' on the topic of saltwater striper lines.

My reels are still strung with old Cortland lines (clear intermediate, the little tunny camo, and a QD sinking head), a Rio Outbound, an Airflo 40+ and an SA striper. From a castability POV I like the SA Striper best but from a fish catching ability I do best with the QD (flexibility in rips, surf, etc)

On two-handers I am using the airflo beach line (sinker) / Rio outbound intermediate on the 9wt and shooting head systems.

Anything new on the market?

05-24-2012, 12:53 PM
I've always liked the Orvis Depth Charge as a full sink line. I also use the Airflo full sink which casts really well but needs to be dressed all the time or it gets brittle. The SA Streamer Express really sinks well but can be a pain to cast. I like the Orvis Tarpon Floating line but I have not tried their new lines.

05-25-2012, 07:58 AM
I've been using Rio Outbound lines on my 9wt, 10wt, and two hander. Intermediate for all and a 400G sinking head for both the 10 and two hander. The lines cast a mile but the running lines MUST be stretched. I take a length of line go around my knee and pull to make sure I feel the stretch. I see some guys hook onto a bumper or fence post and then pull out 100' of line and try to stretch it that way. I've tried that as well and the results have not been good. I stretched my lines once this year and have not had a problem since. I will say that the running line on my most used line (9wt) is cracking already. I clean my lines pretty regularly but don't dress them.

I bought the 9wt line for the flats mostly. On the advice of a veteran angler I was told the line picks up and casts quickly and easily when fishing short and that is true, but it seems to land very hard so I'm thinking of going back to the SA striper line.

I'd be interested in hearing what others use on the flats and why.

05-25-2012, 07:12 PM
I like the Wulff Bermuda Triangle lines, I use the one with a ten foot clear tip most of the time and sometimes the floater. Basically I like floating lines because I fish pretty shallow water, but the clear tip gives me a little bit of depth and can still be picked up without retrieving the whole thing, that's very important for sight fishing. This year I'm going to try fishing a straight floater more and see if I think it is a handicap, I have a feeling it won't be.

05-28-2012, 06:35 AM
I have 5 different lines that I use. Listed are the lines and the percentage of the time that I use them. These numbers are limited to shore wade fishing.

1. Air Flo Clear Blue Polyfuse Intermediate 65%. I like this line because it loads and casts with a minimum number of false casts and never tangles and lasts 3 to 5 seasons. This is the line I use to fish the beaches and flats. By far my favorite line.

2. Sci Angler Streamer Express Short 26 ft Head 300 grain 15%. I love this line when fishing Estuaries on the high tide, usually the last hour of the incoming and the first two of the outgoing. Also will use it when fishing channels of the marsh grass. ( Will also use it on a boat for the rare times I get to go out on one. )

3. Orvis Hydros 10 ft clear sink tip. 10%. I like this line because it casts well and seems to work well with no tangles. This is my first year with this line and the jury is still out, but so far I am very satisfied. This is the line I have been usimg on the beaches and flats when the water starts to get very skinny.

4. Orvis Full Sink Density Compensated Type III. 5%. I like this line for the rare occasions if on the beach at the high tide when there are definite holes along the beach where the water can be up to 10 ft deep at times when the intermediate doesn't seem to bring the fish up.

5. Air Flo Floating 5%. I use this for breaking fish when fishing a Gurgler or just for a change of pace in the spring/fall when the Blues are around.