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: Cormorants Get The Axe

05-08-2012, 08:31 PM

A perennial program here on the Alsea estuary is the massive concentration of double-crested cormorants timed to the out-migration of salmon and Steelhead smolts (late April throughout May). From my window, I could see masses of these relentless predators from in phalanxs fifty yards across. One line would be diving and feeding, the line behind would leapfrog ahead and go so on down the Bay following the schools of smolts. Caspian Terns would add to the frenzy; Great Blue Herons would line the shore to scarf up those frantic smolts that would try to escape along the water's edge.

This year, some preventive action was taken:

It should result in a few more adult salmon and Steelhead returning to the Alsea system the next few years.

The cormorant assault probably dates back to prehistoric times and was just another gauntlet the little fish had to run. But, that was before, due to our activities, stocks became imperiled. Making it harder for the cormorants to get an easy meal doesn't bother me a bit.