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: Rip Trip II (Friday)

08-27-2000, 10:45 PM
John put up a great synopsis of the day, but as you might expect I just gotta give it my 'spin'. As we set out from the landing, those who had been on trip #1 had no doubt it would be interesting and those who were going for the first time could probably feel the excitement in our words.

My 16 year old was along and had a great time. I'm lucky he enjoys flyfishing with dad again after a few years of video games and a heightened interest in girls. Even before anyone had hooked up he said "the one thing wrong with this place is I don't know how I'll enjoy other places to fish after this beautiful spot". I especially enjoyed hearing that. At times he wanted to figure it out himself, others he wanted some advice - but in the end he got his fish and enjoyed the day and the great company of the folks who made the trip.

On RT#1 we had a long lag period while the rip formed, and an intense all-out blitz for a short time at the end of the day that more than made up for the understandable slow period in the wrong tide conditions. This time we expected the tide to swing in our favor at around 11:00am (vs 2:30 pm). Of course with only one precedent trip, it was a hunch at best.

During the wrong tide, some good sized blues came a calling and proceeded to remove a fair number of flies from our possesion. Fred A, John Morin, Pete from Calgary, and others got into the toothy action while I pulled out the first striper out from under them by sliding a sand eel on the bottom. Roop asked what I did and I said "try to catch a crab", referring to the technique of fishing the bottom. Roop proceeded to catch a large spider crab a cast or two later, so I couldn't help but retort "that's just a figure of speech, I didn't mean that literally!". Marvin suggested I take a photo, which Roop posed gracefully for with his crab. Soon Marvin caught a skate and Roops revenge was had... but wait there's more!

As the tide set up in the right direction Roop was first to execute the "Estey swing" in the hotspot and >bang< the festivities began. Roop had his revenge with the hottest hand for the day, landing a true pig bass among many others that personified the potential of 'fat' in bass. John Morin also landed a pig, and there were quite a few 28" or better in the mix for all of us. Most were footballs, actually football is an understatement. Dave P showed his usual form, landing striper after striper from the rip current. Pete from Calgary got a real shot of striper action to take back to the Bow and Elk river regions. Domenic had a fourth quarter run that kept us going, and Marvin capped the day with a fish just as we were ready to leave. In fact everyone hit fish, and although the action slowed as time wore on there were fish hit until we were packing up and everybody hit fish.

It was a very satisfying day on the water to say the least, and although the intensity of the fishing was not quite what it was on the first outing I still couldn't think of a better venue anywhere on the atlantic seaboard for striper action on a fly from shore on a bluebird afternoon. Are we lucky or what?

Among the differences we noted were:

1) bigger bluefish and more action before the rip set up
2) some nice fluke on the fly
3) less intense action in the rip once it set up (perhaps time of day and weather influenced this)
4) Eddy on the lee side did not produce nearly as well as the last trip
5) reduced boat traffic on the weekday made it much more pleasant
6) arrival of clouds of small bunker (along with silversides and sandeels)

There will undoubtedly be some incredible photos from rip trip #2, which I'll be honored to put up in the upcoming photo journal. Please send them in when you get them developed!

08-28-2000, 07:38 AM
There isn't too much that I can add to John and Juro's descriptions of the day. I have to echo the sentiment that it was an incredible experience- an amazing physical environment, terrific weather, great companionship, and cooperative fish- all at the same time!

The thing that struck me most was the strength of these fish- I don't think I've ever had a day when only one fish could be just stripped in. I also can't remember having seen such uniformly fat fish- most of these had bore a strikling resemblance to huge largemouths.

08-28-2000, 09:09 AM

Where is John's synopsis of the day?


08-28-2000, 09:21 AM
<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a><!--url--> it is.

Howz the two-handed adventure going? We will have the new rods finished and ready for salt exposure by the Outer Limits Clave. Maybe you could bring your heavy guns?

08-28-2000, 09:34 AM
Thanks, Juro.

With any luck, I will have something new in a two-hander, very soon.

Currently, I am using a loaner 12' 10/11-weight Talon from Hunter's, although I haven't been using it much.

I'd still like you to be my two-handed casting model for the magazine pictures. We are moving to Yarmouth tomorrow. Pick a sunny day, anytime after that, and let's do it!


08-28-2000, 09:40 AM
Oh MAN! You are making me envious. Just in time for the green footballs to make their appearance around the south cape river mouths and jetties. Caught my first bonito (and it was on a fly) at the mouth of the Herring River many years ago. I hadn't broiled a mackeral fillet in a long while so I brought this really fat toothy one home thinking it was some kind of mack. Turned out to be a bonito... and boy was it delicious! Frankly, back then there was no such mania as there is today. Most guys were like me back then - didn't know a bonito from a mackeral. Looking back at those days when they were really tearing up the place and most of us thinking they were blues on steriods... ARGH!!!! If I only knew. &gt;sigh&lt;

08-28-2000, 10:33 AM
Good luck with the move- and don't forget the fill-in flash.......

08-28-2000, 06:09 PM
What a day! What a crew! What fish!

Thanks to Juro and his ability to make a trip like this happen.

Pete from Calgary also saved the day for me & my rod by untangling a knot from my QD as a pig was pulling me into the water - many thanks.

It's always a pleasure to fish with Dave, John & Jim as well as getting to know Dom, Fred, and finally meet Marvin...

Having Juro's son along was a treat, watching a friend of yours take care of his son (who is bigger than him I noticed). A good kid following in his fathers footsteps, it's evident that he already understands and appreciates the beauty of the sport the prey and the surroundings.

I should have my pictures tomorrow and will try to email them to Juro if I get home in time.

You know what the best part of cathing the big fish was?
Letting him go!