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: Bonefish fly selection for the beach?

04-10-2012, 09:10 PM
What flys do you guys prefer (or better yet, the bonefish prefer) for fishing on the beach where there’s some wave action? My thoughts are something with fairly heavy dumbbell eyes to sink the fly and stabilize it in the turbulence of the surf and something fairly colorful/bight to show up in the stirred up sand. Is this the right logic for fly selection? Any specific pattern recommendations? Thanks, John Pool

04-10-2012, 10:45 PM
I always like bonefish clousers along the beach. There are baitfish running up and down the beach so it makes sense to me.

And it seems like size doesn't matter much. I've thrown size 6, 4 and 2's with equal acceptance using colors like chartreuse/white & tan/white.

Maybe crabs would work as well since they sometimes get caught by a wave and end up in the surf.

Most of my experience is in Eleuthera by the way.


04-11-2012, 08:16 AM
I've done well on beach bones for some reason. Where flats bones are either in a ferocious mood to feed or giving me the middle fin, beach bones are pretty much in the same mood every time I find them with some exceptions of course (afterall it's "fishing").

I think there are a dozen or so flies at any given point that will get the take, but aside from color and weight are also design considerations.

- big waves require some control and less stealth, so I got with something sparse, contrasted (e.g. shrimp pink / orange for instance) and smaller with weighted eyes on a shorter leader with a solid loop knot like my adaptation of the climber's loop: 315_n.jpg

- coral bottoms require slow sinking thus no weighted eyes but good looking slightly sparse larger fly (e.g. subtle shrimp pink or mottled tan shrimp pattern, or the minnow look depending on forage). Go with a longer tippet in this case to help sink rate

- presence of small cuda and snappers will coerce me to much smaller 'buggy' flies than minnow-like which bonefish have no problem seeing. I can't count how many times I have seen big bones in the wash wherein something else grabs my fly first when I make a good cast to them

- most importantly I iterate to the right fly if they won't take what I offer at first change it up

- lastly move if they won't take where you are - find a coral outcropping or something that impedes their longshore movement and they will take more at that obstruction than in the open

- J