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: Magnifying drag tension on Danielsson LW reels

03-28-2012, 11:57 AM
If any of the owners of discontinued Danielsson LW reels ( or pre 2004 Loop Evotec LW reels made by Danielsson) would like to increase the drag tension there is a very easy solution by replacing the original stainless steel cap springs with a stronger, inexpensive and readily available from on-line source.

Using stronger cap springs, after the drag knob in turned all the way ( 300 degree) the max. tension doubles .

It may not matter for those who targets Steelhead or bonefish, but may be useful when fishing for oversized Atlantics, Kings or Tarpons.

In case there is enough interest, I will post the details here.

03-28-2012, 12:02 PM
Definitely interested

03-28-2012, 02:36 PM

here is a link to McMaster catalog:

and the product number is :

96475K331 Stainless Steel Metric Belleville Disc Spring, 8.2MM ID, 16MM OD, .6MM Thickness, Packs of 12.

It cost only $ 8 per pack of 12 plus small fee for shipping.

I have just purchased a dozen and can send a few pairs to interested party at no cost.

The original Danielsson are identical except the thickness is 0.40 mm. In the reel they installed originally stainless steel 0.40 mm and the above catalog offers only hight carbon steel ( 96445K231 ) in the original size which should not matter to much as the reels are sealed anyway.

Now back to the thicker/stronger caps ( 96475K331) . After replacement, the max. tension of the original spring caps is gradually achieved after drag knob is rotated ca. 180-200 degree and from that point tension gradually near doubles when drag riches 300 degree ( drag on all Danielsson reels rotates from 0-300 degree ).

If anyone has problems with disassembling the reels ( hard to imagine :lildevl: ) let me know. We can talk either via phone or via Skype with audio/video.