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Reef Runner
03-16-2012, 10:23 AM
Sent back my Everglades and Riptide QC's to have them cleaned and refurbished. As requested by them I removed all lines and backing in anticipation of them doing exacting that.
Just received them back, what let down!! They didn't even remove the ID plates to clean the reel bodies and after I removed all the backing like they asked. They also never really cleaned the spools. Looks like a quick wipe and grease and returned.
Never had any issues with my Penn's. I always send them back to the factory and they come back like brand new.
I called to complain and the lady told me they never refurbish just replace parts and lube., which they did. That's not what they told me before I sent them back!!
For the $ these things cost you'd think they'd do a better job especially when I said I'd pay for it. I'd send my Billy Pate back and it always came back in great shape which is why I bought these.
Don't send your's back, bring to your local guy and I'd rethink buying Tibor.

03-17-2012, 06:17 PM
I have a Tibor Tailwater CL reel. The drag fell out of the reel ,when I removed the spool. I was able to find the drum, but the caliper was gone. I always back off the drag completely when not fishing. When you back off the drag the drag can fall out when removing the spool( I had no idea this could happen). I called and they said they would send a new caliper for 25 bucks. I would not buy another reel from them.

03-23-2012, 08:16 AM
I can't speak to their service but I have always liked their reels.

10-11-2012, 02:32 PM
Yeah, maybe they don't go the extra mile, which is a shame since their reels are not bad... It really doesn't take much to (underpromise and) over-deliver, and that makes such a big difference. I just sent it my signature reel for repair, after only ten days of use, the drag went south (well, for full disclosure, it was 6 days of fishing, then 3 months of being stored, then another 4 days of salt fishing, followed by 4 months of storage). Apparently there was salt inside it, which ate everything up. Not quite what I would expect from a reel in that price range. In summary though, they did fix the reel, replacing pretty much everything inside it for free, and the tech I talked to about maintenance was very knowledgeable and friendly. But the insistence on providing the warranty card (I eventually found mine, but I normally do not save those), and the shipping cost of $50 (intl), when the actual cost was $32 according to USPS, and they forgot to engrave it (I filled out the form on the warranty card), just leaves me thinking "meh.". I did not contact them to point this out.

On the other side, "meh." was exactly what I felt when I broke a rod and switched to the backup setup with an Everglades, yikes hello 1995. The Signature is such an awesome reel, brilliant sound and feel, the non-solid frame makes it possible to use a 9/10 without getting too heavy on an #8 rod and still have a decent arbor size. Did I mention the sound? :smokin: And maybe it was all my fault, and they did fix it, for free. I will follow their instructions to the point now, and hopefully this one will last me a long time. It is my favorite by massive margin.

I've experienced fantastic service with other manufacturers, most notably with Sage. It costs them very little and it has a very positive effect. Anything short of Sage officially and directly supporting al-Qaeda, I'm now definitely a Sage-guy from now on. :smile: