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: Cat Island report

03-11-2012, 09:38 AM
Just returned from Cat Island , friendly people , beautiful beaches , and bonefish on a large flat just a 5 min. walk from where we stayed . The weather was a bit of a problem though , a lot of cloud cover and a constant 20 -25 m.p.h. wind's . The first couple of days I caught a few small jacks and barracuda , and had shots at two schools of bonefish as they were leaving the flats on the droping tide . I would get down on my knee's so not to be seen , and make my cast . On two occasions I had fish follow the fly , when I stopped stripping they would stop , when I started stripping they would follow . The fish came so close to me that their backs were out of the water before they spooked . I found this to be both discouraging and encuoraging , I'm finding fish just have to find the right fly . On the third day my plan was to wade to the right side of the flat so that any fish I might encounter would be either a down or crosswind cast for me . It wasn't long before I spotted two bonefish following a small shark . I made a decent cast and one of the fish started to follow the fly , this time when I stopped stripping he kept coming and ate the fly . The next thing I know my reel is screaming and backing that has never seen the light of day is peeling off the spool . After a couple of more and equally impressive runs I land the fish . It's hard to believe that a fish of 3-4 lbs. could be that fast and strong . I caught one more fish that day . Had to make about a 60 ft. cast into that crosswind , and as luck would have it the fly landed right on his nose . the fish took off immediatlly and I assumed I had spooked the fish until I noticed my line traveling in the same direction , and then my reel started to do that screaming thing again . This one was slightly larger , about 5lbs. As my wife and I were leaving the Island I noticed that the wind had died down and it was a bright sunny day , and I wished I could have one more shot on that flat . Maybe next year .

03-11-2012, 09:48 AM
Did you stay at Pigeon Cay Beach Club? I know and fished it a lot a few years ago. Lots of cuda and shark. I found it very shallow and limited in terms of where bones can feed. Which of course isolates where you can fish. Way up the creek that runs through the flat going toward the ocean is a very, very muddy flat on the right side that shows serious signs of bone fish. Walking there by yourself isn't a great idea. Pulling a kayak is safer. Lots of big rays and turtles as the creek deepens to 10 feet.

03-11-2012, 10:28 AM
We did stay at Piegon cay , and your right about the mud . I walked down there once and decided it wasn't a good idea to go back . This was my first time stalking the flats for bonefish so this area worked fine for me . Leslie told me about the huge flats at the mouth of the creek , but it is a 3.6 mile walk to get there and I was finding fish on the one that was only a 5 min. walk away . We drove by Orange Creek and that looked like a very interesting place to fish .