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: Beulah bluewater fly rods

01-10-2012, 11:16 AM
Anyone have any experience with these rods ? Looking @ their blue water #8 for bonefish , like the idea of the extra tip but a little skeptical about its weight @ 5 oz. Trying to decide between the above or TFO's BVK. @3.2Oz. Any thoughts/ opinions/ reviews ?

01-11-2012, 09:29 AM
I've used both rods extensively. Though quite a bit different I do like them both. The BVK is light, as you noted, is very easy to cast, and casts well with the designated line weight. The Beulah Bluewater 7/8 is a strong rod that takes a bit of casting technique to cast well. For bonefishing, I would definitely use the eight weight on it. It even casts a nine weight quite well. For fishing like flats fishing, I don't find rod weight to be a big issue. Normally, you just don't cast often enough for it to be a problem. But having said that, if you feel differently, you'll absolutely notice the difference between them. One clear distinction is that I find the Beulah to be much better to use when approaching the 15-20 knot wind levels so often encountered on the flats. The BVK has most of its action in the tip, whereas the Bluewater models have a stiff tip and a very strong butt with the casting flex (what there is of it) in the middle third of the rod.