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: Tippet question

06-11-2001, 02:11 PM
Ok so I went into Swede's on Friday after work on my way up to the sky to get a spool of tippet where I picked up my normal spool of Umpqua 10 lb tippet. I guy behind the counter ask if I liked the Fluorocarbon leader and that it was a better deal. I told him I like that spool but I will think about it next time.

I have a spool of 8lbs fluorocarbon that I have used some, but still am not sold on it. Maybe I will be this summer when the flows go to an all time low. But as for now I still think what I have is a little brittle and not worth the price.

So what is everyone opinion on it? Is it worth the price?


PS: Hooked one on Friday night but promptly lost it.

06-11-2001, 02:48 PM
Flouro is definitely ridiculously priced. I believe that in certain cases, and low water summer steelhead is one of them, the reduced visibility is a plus. Not all flouros are created equal I have found - some have a shine to them, and most increase visibility at blood knots over other lines like Maxima Ultragreen. Oddly you see half the knot in the water and it's the flouro half.

I use Climax flouro in 12# and 15# for saltwater applications with good results, though 99% of the time I am using Maxima UG in 12# or 15# and the fish don't seem to mind.

If you find a good brand of flouro that has no shine to it and doesn't exaggerate itself at the blood knot, and if it is much harder to see than a good quality line like Maxima UG, then I'd say it would be worth the high ticket. Otherwise stick with the UG or your favorite brand of mono.

Not sure how the opacity difference would play out but since most summer fishing is greaselining the leader would be above the fish and if the light passing thru is the difference with flouro then I would start using it exclusively from the taper thru the tippet. Anyone know if pass-thru opacity is a Flourocarbon advantage?

06-12-2001, 12:07 AM
I must be one of the few who have yet to even try flourocarbon and I am probally one of the few who has no desire to try it.

Why change what works?? I have yet to have a single problem with Maxima UG. When I feel the fish are being picky I just drop done line size. I have caught and landed 12 pound bright summer-runs are four pound UG. Who can say they have done the same with other lines??

But its not invisible you say?? Do you really think there is a differance between 4 pound UG and say 8 pound flourocarbon...well enough of a differance to make a differance? I dont!...how many steelhead are lost to monofilament gillnets every year!?!?

06-12-2001, 08:46 AM
Ryan you are a brave man. After getting sawed off by a number of really big summer bucks head-thrashing with a fly hooked in the corner of the mouth I don't dare go any less than 8# UG anymore, and 10# on sink tips. One of them was in a deep hole near the gorge. He wouldn't leave the pool, but raced around and jumped. Part of the fight happened under a bridge, I can still hear the echos of the thundering jumps. I had it finally close in front, clearly visible in the crystal summer flows as it made a vigorous head shake and I could feel the plinking of it's teeth on the leader just before it cut off. That was one of my biggest summer fish.

I also stopped using the small Alec Jackson bronze hooks for my pupa flies since I had a huge beer-keg buck open one up after a big fight in the rapids above Tokul. Believe it or not the cheap TMC 200R resists straigtening better.

I am starting to get the summer run jones!

06-12-2001, 09:59 AM

I have the same dilemma - i broken off two really nice fish using #15 fluorocarbon on the Hoh and another on the Sky before I put it away. Both were broken above the knot.

I've found most fluorocarbon I've experimented with to be brittle, and any nick seems to seriously weaken it. You also have to be careful (at least *I* do) to get a good knot without stretching/weakening it.

It's funny - Juro first introduced me to the stuff on the Cape for Stripers and I had no problems with it. Then I tried using it for steelhead and things went downhill!!

06-12-2001, 02:07 PM
Now I don't know if I'd go down to 4lb UG - BUT - it is probably the the same actual breaking strain as 8lb fluro!

When I fish the Thompson I use 15lb UG - the fish don't care! The Thompson's desert climate produces brilliant sunlit conditions on huge glassy flats and the fish climb all over low water flies fished in the surface film. I do, however, attach my flies with a loop knot so they are not restricted by the virtual cable that 15lb Maxima is!

I think this is just one more case of doing what the FISHERMAN feels is necessary. I am lead-pipe certain that I will catch more fish on my pet fly than I will on your pet fly - so it is I think with tippet size/type and steelhead. Now I'm not certain that there are some species/conditions where it might very much matter - but for the rivers and fish I am familiar with I don't think so.