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: Late Eleuthera (10/31-11/6) Report

11-27-2011, 03:21 PM
Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Well I would say wind was the word of the week. Temps were average, low 80's. First day was actually up to 90. Wind was blowing 30+ all night through early afternoon. First few days were very windy 20+ with occasional light showers. I brought a Gore-Tex Arcteryx jacket which was perfect. Wicked light weight and the cut is great for casting.

Did I mention that it was also a very high tide/maybe new moon phase? The water was highest I've seen there making wading oceanside and near the flats dropoffs tough.

I tried a few new places. Rock Sound along the airport runway. No love. No sightings and lost a few flies presumeably to cudas. It was an interesting walk and I'll try it again with better weather and tide. Lots of big, big crabs there. Seriously they are everywhere. I'm curious about what the bone's diet is in that area. Big bones & big crabs?

I also tried another spot 2+ miles north of Governor's Harbour Airport. It looked great from the air but no sightings.

Tried Half Sound Bay just south of Winding Bay. Another spot that looked decent on Google Earth and confirmed by the Chef David at Tippy's as a very fishy place. Alas, not much happening. There were signs of bones on the very southern end right where the road stops at the beach. Some muddy spots where I blew out a flip flop. There is a mangrove area reachable by kayak in the very SW corner. I saw what looked like oysters clinging to the mangrove roots. The northwest corner may be a better move. It looks shallower and near the inlet so there is probably a good current.

Savannah Sound played out like normal. Spooky, but fewer, fish. Usual snappers in the deeper drop off. A couple of big sharks. Turtles, etc...

One big plus of the trip was learning about the Homecoming Party in Governor's Harbour. From noon on Friday through Sunday evening. It's like the Friday night Fish Fry on steroids. Tons of booths with all kinds of food (Counch Ninja - that's his spelling), games, etc... Very loud music. DJ Friday night with dance acts. Live bands on Saturday night.

Overall, still one of my favorite places to go. Made some new friends, caught some fish, enjoyed the weather and I'm returning in February for 2 weeks! I'm bound to catch alot of fish with that time frame.


11-28-2011, 07:42 AM
Marty, all of the spots you visited can be very good at times. Hopefully in February you'll get some better weather and catching--the fishing is always good on Eleuthera!

That homecoming in Governor's harbor must have been a blast--the friday night fish fries are always fun.

Did you see a lot of 'cudas?

How far did you walk by the Rock Sound airport?

Did you eat out anywhere else besides tippys?

12-04-2011, 10:00 PM

The Homecoming bash was great fun and very loud. And it drew people from many nearby islands. I may go again next year.

I walked nearly the entire length of the Rock Sound airport runway along the coast. It looks like a great area and I'll go back.

There were that many cudas from what I could see. I lost some flies mainly blind-casting so I assume they were cudas.

My tying skills are beginner level but my chartruese clousers in sizes 6 and 8 worked well except at Savannah Sound.

I ate at Tippy's most of the time ($$$) but found the grouper tenders at Mate & Jenny's with some hot sauce to be pretty good. The Beach House had just opened up after repairs from Irene. There is a good BBQ joint in Hatchet Bay.

Can't wait to go back in February. Might hit the BVI's in January but that's very limited for bonefishing. I mainly sail around there but always have the fly rods at the ready on Little Jost van Dyke and Anegada.