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: Reflections on Rip Trip Clave Vacation Fishing Days

09-05-2000, 11:59 PM
Best Impression: Juro continues to amaze me with his generosity and enthusiasm, what a great role model for all
Best decision: To do a return vacation to the Cape, next year's visit is in the planning stages
Best lesson: Tie on the wire BEFORE you get the blues
Best New Trick: Throw the fly on the beach to get rid of weeds, works most of the time (Thank's JohnM)
Best Laugh: Famous words from Roop while fighting his big fish ... that's OK guys, I don't need help with the knot in my line....
Funniest Moment: Catching a striper while undoing a knot in my own line
Lost Opportunity: I hope that Blue chokes on my most succesfull piker fly
On Reading Books: It's a lot more fun doing it than reading about it, and now I have 12 months to read some more before I get back there, recommendations will be appreciated
On Fly Tying for the Trip: Count on Juro having invented another Big A## Bass Busting EEL or equivalent to share with you
On Line Selection: What the heck is an intermediate, I thought it was a type II full sink level line, worked for me
On Fish Identification: Bones, Albies, Tunies, Blues, Bonito, Silver Sides, Stripers, Bunker, Pogies, Peanut, Fluke, I need a lexicon
On Appreciation: Thank you to ?? for passing up on Saturday so that I could do the trip, sorry I forgot your name
On the last Cast: Thank you for the beer, pizza, fun jokes, fine cigar and great scotch
On Gratitude: Thank you to all who in some way shared the space, the rip, the eddy, the fun and the laughter, the thrill of hooking up and the thrill of seeing someone else hook up
On Friendships: There are new ones to be made every day, I just feel priviledged that I was able to create several new ones while on the Cape
On my Friend Juro: You are an amazing and kind person, for creating, organizing, replying, coordinating, driving, influencing, orchestrating. You truly are "The Maestro"

Pete from Calgary

09-06-2000, 08:21 AM
Pete, great description of the trip and I am glad I met you under those circumstances. You did remember the weed removal trick-- saves time. If you are ever on the cape again you know where "mooses Lodge" is in Chatham and you are welcome anytime. See you next year... By the way, that evening,you had my mouth watering with the descriptions of Bow River Trout fishing!

09-06-2000, 09:04 AM
On Reading Books: It's a lot more fun doing it than reading about it, and now I have 12 months to read some more before I get back there, recommendations will be appreciated.

I read two books last winter:

"Stripers on the Fly" by Lou Tabaroy &
"101 Striper Hot Spots" by Frank Diagnault

Both were worth while reads, the second is like a reference that you can go back to time & time again.

09-06-2000, 11:24 AM
It was great meeting you. At the risk of being redundent I would echo the same sentiments as you, particularly with regard to Juro's enthusiasm and generosity.

As far as books go, I've read "Inshore Flyfishing" and "Stripers on the Fly" by Taboury and "Flyrodding The Coast" By Ed Mitchell. I can recommend all three, but I especially like Mitchells book.

Fred A.

09-06-2000, 12:20 PM

It was great fishing with you on Monomoy! I'm glad to hear that you had as great a time as you did. Your description of your local trout had me drooling- I'll definitely give you a shout if I'm headed anywhere near Alberta. Hope to see you again next summer.


09-06-2000, 03:12 PM
Pete -

You're too kind but please it's always as much fun for me as anyone in the group! Well maybe I am not having as much fun as Roop

In any case it's me who owes you thanks for the good company, the finest scotch, and the collection of steelhead and salmon flies. Although I know they are meant to be fished but I'm afriad many of them won't see water.

I look forward to seeing you next year, and stay in touch this winter!