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: Puerto Rico - Q for Juro (or other experts)

11-06-2011, 09:29 PM
I Have not posted for a while as the Bonefish obsession was somewhat derailed by Steelhead and trout for the last five years, as I relocated to the Northeast from Florida. Anyway my latest "developmental opportunity" is taking me to Puerto Rico for the next two to three years. It looks like I will be living in either the Paseos or Dorado East areas - but most definitely plan on taking advantage of the Snook, Tarpon, & Peacock Bass opportunities on the Main Island and also to a lesser extent the Bonefish, and Permit opportunities on the Islands off the East coast.

I have spent a couple of hours reading the many informative posts of trips to the Island located within this forum but wanted to gather any other words of wisdom and or general locations to start once I arrive on December 2.

In return - I will be more than happy to host (as it does not look like a lot of Fly anglers call PR home), and or exchange additional information as I learn the Island.



11-06-2011, 09:59 PM
Awesome deal! I've been struggling to justify a return trip. I really enjoyed PR but because I haven't gotten over the learning curve other destinations have trumped.

There are lots of tarpon, huge permit, and bones as big as the keys (and about as sparse) however I'm convinced that if one were to learn the island(s) thoroughly it would be a fantastic destination.

Most of the resident tarpon are domesticated or tainted (San Juan lagoon) but during the pilchard swarms migratory fish may arrive in numbers. Also there are countless rivers and lagoons untouched by anglers which require a lot of time and effort to study, so I kept moving. For a tarpon fix, I would head west. Porta Del Sol, and to the south / north.

Around Culebra are a limited number of flats some of which host some huge bones. It wouldn't be an easy first timer venture but after repeat visits I am very confident that I could have better results (and comparable size) than the Keys.

I have seen permit so huge they boggle the mind but the locals net them :mad:

I've pretty much posted what I found, but looking forward to what you discover. I may be tempted to take a flight down this winter...

11-06-2011, 11:15 PM
There was a great episode of Spanish Fly where Jose went around the island after permit and tarpon, and had great success, but the bonefish were very, very difficult to find. I've looked at fishing for bones there as part of my travels for work or vacation where I could fly through there and find some flats to chase bones, but my experience has been pretty unsuccessful!

I tried to find the episode since it has some good info, but I can't find it on the web. I also have a bit of information I've saved up over the years, but I'm not sure where the folder is with the articles I saved and the notes I took. I'll poke around and if I find it, I could make copies and mail them to you.