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i'm so outta here
07-16-2000, 08:59 PM
A fun weekend all around despite today's fruitless venture to the Rhody shore.....

Started out Friday night with some night fishing on B-Bay. Checked all the usual haunts but didn't find much going on. On a whim I decided to try the mouth of the Pocasset (was hoping to bump into Roop). No Roop but lots of eager and willing micros. Small bait seems to be the key with these weak tides and (formerly) high pressure systems.

Sat. morning it's the monthly jaunt up to Maine to be with Jen's relatives. With only a few hours sleep from the previous night's fun, we packed up the boy and hit the road around 4:30 AM. Got through Boston without any tall ship problems and arrived in Portland just as tide bottomed out.

Decided to go explore a bit while the rain held off. Got lost up in the Falmouth area but eventually found the Rt. 9 bridge on the Presumpscot River. This is an awesomely fishy place! Just below the bridge are some semi-firm mud flats that give way to a deep, deep channel - a flyfisherman's dream. I later talked with a few locals who said this is one of the best places to fish in the whole state, especially when the pogies come in. I can't wait to try this spot on the next trip (I've already informed the family that we have to plan that around the high tide. BTW, as we're hearing up and down the coast, things are about two or three weeks behind down East.

Sat. evening it was down to Kittery for a motel stay and hopefully some fishin early the next morning. I must be getting used to sleep deprivation because my eyes popped open at 4:30 sharp and I was out the door in five minutes....failed to notice the 20 k.p.h. wind from the East and driving rain. Doh!

Drove around for a bit and ended up in York Harbor. Very fishy looking beaches .... which I left for the surfers who where the only other nuts awake at this time.

Drove back to Kittery and stopped at the Trading Post to try the estuary out back. The wind had the place pretty well mucked up. White caps in the bay and dirty water. Uncle! I headed back to the motel and drank coffee with the desk clerk until the rest of world woke up.

Today I was pretty amped up to fish in ernest since the storm was history, so in a fit of spontaneous fishing combustion I threw the gear in the car and pointed myself in the direction of Weekapaug. Breaking several traffic laws, I made it by 5:30 pm only to find a much different place from the one I remember in the off season. No parking signs everywhere and lots of ill-tempered teenagers around to enforce it. Sun bathers in my favorite beach spots and couples necking on the tips of jetties. Ugghhh!!!!!

Even if the place was as desserted as in October, it wouldn't have fished too well. The storm has kicked up quite a bit of surf and brought with it literally tons of weed. I gave it a try at several spots before packing it in. I did explore some new spots I had never seen before. East beach looks like it would be great in the Fall as does Jerusalem and Snug Harbor. Can't wait for Columbus Day (sooner if we do the Boneclave there - though we should think twice about that if considering it before Labor Day)

Anyone want to get together this week for some evening fishing to help me forget this weekend

07-17-2000, 08:51 AM
Hey Al,

No one can ever say you don't work for your fish!

How about an evening on the North River. Mike and I have been neglecting it for the Monomoy area this year and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. In the past 4" dark sand eels have worked really well on the flats with a falling tide.

07-17-2000, 09:10 AM
Al: that 2-3 weeks behind at Maine is the same thing I expirienced at Hermit Island couple weeks ago. And as for night fishing: breh,ha,heee,haa haa: just kidding!


07-18-2000, 03:15 PM
Al, when were you thinking of going? Tom D