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: Contrubution to ASF RE: Greenland fishery agreement

09-26-2011, 06:34 PM
Those of us that managed to fish this year for Atlantic Salmon have reaped the rewards of continued Salmon conservation efforts .It is my opinion that the Greenland Conservation Agreement has been a major contributing factor.

The Greenland Conservation Agreement is a privately negotiated partnership where ASF Atlantic Salmon Federation and their conservation partner, the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) have agreed to terms with KNAPK, the organisation that represents Grenland's fishermen and hunters In a nutshell KNAPK has agreed to halt commercial fishing for Atlantic Salmon in exchange for funding to develope other, more sustainable ,employment . One of the programs has proved to be extremely successful is a Lumpfish fishery that harvests the roe The resulting suspension of commercial Salmon fishing has definately resulted in benefits here in North America ( an estimated 80% of the salmon that were harvested at Greenland were destined to spawn in Canadian and U.S. rivers) it is quite evident that more and larger Salmon have been returning to their native rivers.

In order to fund the Greenland Conservation Agreement, ASF raises funds privately to cover the expenses. Currently this agreement costs ASF approximately $200,000 annually. As you can imagine ASF actively seeks support for this important conservation initiative and accepts specifically designated gifts to be used for this purpose only.

I, therefore invite you to support the Greenland Conservation Agreement, and to forward gifts directly to ASF noting that it is to be used strictly for the Greenland Conservation Agreement (attention Rob Beatty Vice President of Development) and the address is provide below,. Contributions are tax deductable in both Canada and the U.S.

PS: Rob's contact info @ ASF

Robert W. Beatty
Vice President Development
Atlantic Salmon Federation (
PO Box 5200, St. Andrews, NB E5B 3S8
PO Box 807, Calais, ME 04619-0807
Ph: 506-529-1031/ Fax: 506-529-1070