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: Salmon Run Updates in Canada - With Some Shockers

08-25-2011, 09:25 AM
Atlantic Salmon Federation News
ASF RIVER NOTES update on Atlantic Salmon Runs
As it appears Hurricane Irene will add rain to most Atlantic salmon rivers in North America, ASF's RIVER NOTES gives you the latest update. Some spectacular runs continue, with best returns in decades.

Dr. Kristi Miller Testifies at the Cohen Commission Inquiry
Dr. Miller's groundbreaking research on disease and salmon was published in Science, but government muzzled any chance for the press to talk with her. The Cohen Commission was an opportunity for public interaction. Read more

Didymo or Rock Snot Still Invading Rivers
Didymo is still spreading as an invasive species, and the felt-soled waders of anglers are one form of transmission. Article points out some states and provinces are now banning them, and at least one manufacturer phasing them out. Recently ASF Research led a workshop in New Brunswick on Didymo identification, where it is of grave concern.

08-29-2011, 10:18 AM
I have read on other sites that Simms, the company that was phasing out felt soled boots, has decided not to go that route. I have also read scientific studies that found soaking your boots in hot water -- I believe over 115 degrees F -- for 15 minutes will kill the Didymo. Most tap water is hotter than 115 degrees F, so it should not be a major inconvenience for fisherman to soak their boots after use in water suspected of containing Didymo. Soaking would not only disinfect the felt soles, it would disinfect all other areas of the boots -- laces, seams, etc. -- that might hold Didymo. Of course, convincng fisherman to take this precautionary step is the real issue.