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09-23-2000, 07:44 PM
As many of you might have expected the point rip trip has been cancelled due to weather. Sorry about the delayed posting, I had a very busy day and just got a hold of Keith. Rip Ryder is not even doing short runs tomorrow.

But... based on Bob's excellent report, I will be at the lighthouse early and will start by fishing the Chatham Inlet area. This is so close to the causeway that I figure anyone who does not check in (or call Keith) will see me parked (green Toyota pickup).

The wind is expected to swing from S / SW 10-15 to NW later in the day. I suspect that a little early fishing near the lighthouse will allow us to gather and if the big bass come in, great! From there we can decide from the copious options the cape has to offer - outer beaches and the race, bayside, southside, tidal rivers, etc, etc.

Hope to see you there, my cell is 781-929-2843.