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06-07-2000, 07:04 AM
It was naive of me to think that we could use a BB to manage signups and camping items... you'd think I would have learned from all the past attempts to do so.

Al has put together a database to make this process silky smooth... and we will be using that as the basis for attendance and materials lists.

<center><b>PLEASE SIGN UP <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a><!--url--></b></center>

06-07-2000, 03:54 PM
Well, as is so often the case, forms don't apply to my special needs ;).

I'm going to come down on Saturday, fish or cast with the boys, howl at the moon all night and then...then I'm kayaking to Monomoy. I had some vascular surgery last week which makes me questionable for an all-day wading event, so I'm going to provide my own transpo out to the flats and have a sit-down fishing experience if I can't wade.

06-07-2000, 11:36 PM

Toughen up! I've gone that route and shoveled snow the next day. Just kiddin! Follow the doctors orders and have fun.

06-08-2000, 10:34 AM
Mike -

It'll be great to have you in the howling contest, please take it easy if you just had surgery. I can run you over to Stage Harbor and pick you up in the afternoon if you want, that way you can fish around Morris Island and fish inside the harbor as well as the top of common flats. Up to you, plenty of us to help out.

See you Saturday at site 102, area #3.