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: A Rather Full day

Mike Oliver
06-12-2011, 06:28 AM
Yesterday I strugged to sleep well the night before as my body was wracked with aches and pains from a very active Rip trip on the Friday. I kept waking every hour thinking it was time to get up. I felt like death in fact I may have been dead I felt so bad. Then the battle started between getting up and remaining in bed. The war raged for over an hour before my concience helped me win through as I had promised I would meet up with Herb on one of the big Back Side beaches for HT at approx 07.00.
Once up I admonished myself for staying in bed so late as I realised that with an hours journey I was going to miss high tide by at least one hour. Dam these slow speed limits. I arrive and to my despair there are Guys on both sides of the beach. Where is Herb. I look intently to both left and right trying to spot him. I pick him out all alone on the south side by seeing that he was the only Guy close to the waters edge. Bait Guys and Spinners tend to hug the top of the beach whilst we have to mix it with the surf. I flew along the beach and Herb greets me with the call I have had three in the wash. Dam I am too late again. I tye on my floating bait fish pattern which had proved so dealy in the Rip on S. Monomoy on a 4 foot leader and made some casts. Bang 4th Cast I am into a very strong fish which turns out to be a small keeper. Its what we Brits call a "Dragger" The shore line surge made life interesting trying to land the fish but a rugby style tackle ensured we could get a photo. Hopefully Herb will post it up some time. My camera is mort. I am now pumping we both cast away and 30 minutes later another good take, I play the fish for a short while and the hook pulls. Herb has to go and it is now 09:20 and the tide well into the ebb. This alows me to get into the Slough and edge my way to the bar and the forming rip. My confidence is low as the morning is so well advanced. I start to mechanically cast and retrieve willing a fish to take. I was awoken by a spectacular strike with the fish breaking surface as it hit. The fish was extreemly strong and first the fly line dissapeared quickly followed by a good dose of backing. Herb has just left the beach dam. this fish is as fit as a Butchers Dog and I get a fantastic fight but 20lb leaders and a low rod win the day and I beach her. How big about 32 inches. I am grinning madly but safely as I am all alone. I fish on for another 30 minutes but give it best as I want to get something to eat and get to the PT flats for LW minus two hours to fish the early flood. So its a dash to Nelsons Tackle buy some new leader material and a hook stone and eat a very poor and expenive fry up breakfast in the deli next door. I shoot off to PT and three of my Brit Buddies are already there out in the water in a mini conger line. They are being Guided by Steve, can't remember his surname young guy with longish hair if I remember right. I wade out to say hello, I am smiling as I am fishing the same water and got to fish it for free. We cast into the drop off with fast sinkers but zippo. wind is right in our teeth. Steve takes his charges in a bit to fish another bar I stay out longer because I can in my wet suit and follow the deep water line fishing whilst edging back to shore. I also take the opportunity to further aquaint myself with the flat by bobbing around in the deeper water I decide to take the walk to Long point. I catch two mackeral and the wind on the end is horrendous. I fish all round the point and both sides for absolute zippo. I do the long walk back and spook a fish trying to sight fish in the eel grass patches. I bounce my way over the Dyke and return back to the big beach for about 18:30 after a dinner of one soft bannana and two very stale bread buns and a bottle of luke warm water. There are a ruck of other fishers in the car park. The wind has kicked up and the waves are nasty and there is a lot of weed in the water. I take the 500 yard walk to where I had caught my fish in the morning. The wave set was such that after making a cast I had to literally dance my way down wind to keep in contact with my fly line. The surf was pretty angry and I missed seeing one wave which hit me at the trough and ripped my rod out of my hand and into the swirl. lucky for me I still had my fly line in my stripping hand and I was able to crawl back up top and drag my rod out to. Close call for my new rod. I am trying for the hero casts when a nice bust up accurs in the messy wash in front of me. By the time I have frantically stripped in the line its over. I shorten my line and fish the wash now concentration absolute. But no joy at all. One by one the otehr Guys leave and when it got too dark to pick the big nasty waves I reckoned that was a good time for me to depart as well. I got back to my car and put my rod on the rod car roof reminding myself not to forget it. Yep you guessed when I drove off it was still up top. Lucky for me I heard the reel bouncing around before I left the parking lot and all was saved. This new rod is living a charmed life. I make it back to Dennisport for around 22.00 seeing cats and dogs all the way. The wind is howling now and tomoorow is looking a bit grim. I struggle out of my stinking wet suit which I have had on since 07:00 take a shower feast on a supper of Milano Chocki biscuits and fall onto my bed and enjoy the release of sleep before my body stopped bouncing after flopping onto the mattress.
Tomorrow I hope it's more of the same. It has taken too long this year but I am now getting into the groove and it feels rather good.


06-12-2011, 09:04 AM
Mike, like Ron on the original post I am exhausted just from reading, never mind ever trying to keep up with you!!! Glad to hear that the "9 lives" of the new rod have not been used up but it does sound a bit like you are stretching your luck!!! Sorry we were not able to meet up but there is always the next time you come over. Your posts indicate you have had a reasonably decent "catching experience" while here and will be able to sing the praises of Cape Cod when you return to your homeland. What is the next 'rod' project, a 2-hander on same manufacturer blank as this one?
Tight lines, stay dry and have a safe return trip!

Pete Readel

Mike Oliver
06-12-2011, 09:59 AM

Thanks Trouble is if I don't do on the edge I fall off the edge. Rod projects not really. After fishing with JonC and seeing Jons casting it has just re-inforced I have work to do getting mine much better.

I do want to get a lot more into TH rods and casting but truth be told much as I like the TH my personal phsychi seems more suited to shorter more aggressive sticks.

I have had many stunning fishing experiences this Trip Pete and have met many new people and I hope some will become my friends to.

Fish have not crawled up our rods we have had to grind them out even on one Rip trip it was a day of a 1000 casts. But we are used to tough fishing and just put our time in.

I missed fishing with you this year but heh we have next year to look forward to.

Herbs rod has been an unlucky but lucky one. Nearly lost it twice but boy does it do the business. I like it so much that when I have the pennies I will buy another as a back up. Herb feels the same but has several back ups. LOL. He is a fine builder.

Been great to fish with Herb one of the few real Gentlemen left in this hard assed world we live in. We have dinner planned with his wife on Monday.

Next year Pete stick it in your diary


06-12-2011, 10:03 AM
You're hardcode Mike!

It's good to see that the Forum is still doing what it does best - build lifelong friendships among anglers.

Mike Oliver
06-12-2011, 12:33 PM
You're hardcode Mike!

It's good to see that the Forum is still doing what it does best - build lifelong friendships among anglers.


The forum is amazing for connecting like minded Guys. Its very humbling.


06-12-2011, 04:20 PM
It was great to meet you, you are a fount of positive energy and enthusiasm that warms all of our hearts and bolsters our spirits. I know you have been through a some horrible times in the last year, but rest assured that you are a very unusual man with terrific passion for what you do and I feel very privileged to have fished with you, I hope we can go out again next year and you catch the fish.

Mike Oliver
06-12-2011, 08:55 PM

Thanks. Be good if we both can hook up. Maybe we can try the back side up north next year. Marconi is very special as is Coast Guard Beach. Both beaches offer superb challanges to the Fly Fisher. I am planning already for next year and the intention is to allocate at least 50% of the time to the big east facing beaches.


06-13-2011, 11:30 PM
I have always liked Newcombs myself but the fish could be at any or all of them so it is truly best to move around..

Paul J
06-14-2011, 05:53 AM

seeing Jons casting it has just re-inforced I have work to do getting mine much better.

I too couldn't help notice what a great caster JonC is, so smooth, effortless and no line tray!

One skillful dude


06-14-2011, 07:22 AM
Thanks for the compliments, I never thought my casting was more than just pretty competent, anyway, I just don't want to raise people's expectations.