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: June 5/6/7 Cape Summary

06-08-2011, 06:54 AM
Just returned from our annual 3 days on the Cape. Weather was MUCH better than last year. Actually the weather was perfect.

Stopped off at the Canal on the way down to catch the end of the falling tide. Tried out a new 9' spinning rod I just finished building for the trip. The blank was quite impressive. Wish I had bought a bunch of them since they were on close out for $30 (regularly $100+). No idea who makes it. Only had one fish but it was a blue caught with a plug. Second favorite way to catch fish (fly is my favorite).
Monday was spent out in the Stage Harbor area. Ran into some of the Brits. We picked up fish off and on all day. Not a lot but enough to keep you there. Tons of bait. I walked way out onto the flat at low tide. Bait and stripers everywhere but no takers. Not sure what the bait was but it was small.
Tuesday we ended up on the bay side. We have never fished this side before. Got there too late on the morning fall. We walked out to what seemed like Boston looking for water deeper than ankle deep. Finally got out into knee deep water to watch an osprey pickup a striper about 100 yards in front of us. Very encouraging! The hunt started. We found fish, big fish, all over the place. Schools of sand eels. This was my first experience site fishing and despite several follows I had no takers. One of my partners picked up a nice fish on a crab pattern. Fished until about 1 hour into the flood and then got off the flats while the getting was good. No swimming for me.
Overall a good three days. If you have not tried it yet, the bay side looks like a good bet right now. PM me if you was specifics on location.