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: Paradise!

10-16-2000, 06:21 AM
Nothing better than hitting Chatham in the wee hours of the morning with no big expectations! The day started out with: a great sunrise, incredible temperatures, Juro casting his two-handed rod to Europe, and BigCat and John fishing the sand-bar hole with eagerness. Nice fish were taken between the 15-25" range with a very soft touch by our finned friends! Heading out to pick up my jacket @ the beach, Juro and others had thoughts of food on their mind (which didn't sound to bad either!). With those few last casts, I was able to hook a nice healthy 30-31" striper with great shoulders. Great fight and even better release!
Thanx for sharing guys. It will be one to think about this winter. Cathy will finally believe a story, thanx to pictures taken.

10-16-2000, 09:54 AM
Congrats Brian! The last two times we've fished the same water you've gone over the 30" mark. What a great season. I had a couple hard take downs in that stretch but ended up playing with fatties down the way. Some really took the drag, getting close to last year's legits but no big girls.

This time of year I am reminded of just how lucky we, just looking around at the scenery alone. We had a guest, Nate Mantua, from Seattle who was getting a fresh look at our hang outs and his reflection on things intensified my outlook that much more. And the weather!

Happy birthday to John and Al!

John - very special thanks to you and Mary for the hospitality.