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: p-bunker pattern

Bob Pink
09-04-2000, 09:39 PM
This pattern got it's first test on Boston harbor bass this am with good results.

Hook: 1/0, 1 down to 4 depending on the size bait you are trying to match I've used Eagle Claws for the 1/0 & #1, Diachi for the smaller sizes
Lateral line and tail support: Small Fry opal body
Tail: single marabou plume white
Under Body: Enrico seafibre white or translucent
Upper Body: E. seafibre 70% white mixed 30% yellow
Topping: "Baitfish" angel hair
eyes: Holographic stick-on
Thread: white flat waxed nylon

Take small fry and cut to 1.25X the hook shank length.
Take Marabou plume and measure from tip so that you will have about 3/8"-1/2" of plume extending from the back end of the tubing and cut the stem (note: if you cut just at the stem leaving the feathers attached you can use the other half of the plume for your next fly)
Tie off the tip of the plume stemright at the hook eye, then secure the small fry body.
Wrap gently two turns back to the bend to keep the body centered over the shank.
Take about 20 strands of seafibre for the underbody, cut to the length of the hook shank then stagger the strands so the taper out another 50% Tie off on the underside of the shank at it's midpoint folding each half on one side of the bend. (if it doesn't look full enough for your taste, add another small bunch now before building the upper body)
Take about 30 strands of white cut to 1.5X the hook shank and then blend in the yellow to your liking. Taper as before then tie off at midpoint like you would a high tie. Note: you want to keep all your materials tied in close to the eye
Tie in about 20 strands of angel hair keeping the strands bunched together tightly so it lays right on the top of the fly, ending just at the end of the small fry body.
Whip fish and cement the head, take a small amount of goop and cover the back of the stick-on eyes then press each in place right behind the head squeezing with your fingers to 'push' the body taller at the head.

These looked very lively in the water at rest, was fishing them on a floating line to match the bait being driven up to the surface

Will try to post a visual soon.

09-04-2000, 10:06 PM
I await the image with baited breath.

The Y2K Boneclave won't be the same if you're not there!

09-04-2000, 10:37 PM
last years killer...


09-05-2000, 04:36 AM
Sounds like a great pattern. What comes to mind and would work is Gartside white soft hackle.The soft hackle has the shape and action.

Bob Pink
09-05-2000, 05:55 AM
ssully and all boneclave participants
It doesn't look like I'll be able to get down on Saturday. Might be able to take a day trip on Sunday. Look for the 'yak to be coming along Washburn at daybreak.

09-05-2000, 07:46 AM
What's the spreading technique on that badboy? Are you just hammering down bucktail to get it to spread?

Mr Pink: Sully and I will be luanching Sunday am. we'll look for ya. (call in sick Monday dude)


09-05-2000, 10:06 AM
they have a few bunker patterns on this site( i have no connection with them, just pointing it out)

p.s.if this is uncool Juro, I apologize. Tom D

09-05-2000, 10:49 AM
Too late, cat's out of the bag!

Just kidding, good info. We may charge for advertising down the road but for now it's about good info and friends.


Bob Pink
09-05-2000, 06:17 PM
Images follow notice that I didn't do a great job of blending the yellow in through the top wing of one of these.

http://www.stratford-associates.com/images/p-bunker.jpg" border="0">

<img src="http://www.stratford-associates.com/images/p-bunker2.jpg

09-06-2000, 03:22 PM
Great looking fly , nice job Bob.I will have to tie some up thanks for sharing.

09-06-2000, 07:14 PM
Bob -

Wish I had that on Sunday! Can't wait to try out some of the tactics for taming the bonito beast.

Our mission - solve the bonito riddle.

09-07-2000, 12:10 AM
Bob -

If you are yakkin' on Sunday, are you planning on fishing from the yak -or- are you going to take a spot on a boat?

Can you join us for dinner? (I hope!)

thanks, I am taking a head count.