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: switch rod

04-13-2011, 08:26 AM
I'm thinking of buying a switch rod and am trying to decide between the T.F.O. and the Beulah switch rods . Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

04-13-2011, 08:45 AM
Compare stories on the warranties/service, that could affect your final choice.

I have TFO 9wt and 4wt switch rods and really love them. One thing to note is the TFO are what I would say, a "slow" action (and I'm not sure about the Beulah's action) the rods have a nice slow bend. I started out with Skagit which I suppose was suited to this, without me knowing much a couple years ago. Now I'm trying more Scandi and on certain days, I wish for some slightly faster tapers. I'll be trying out some Beulah switches at the next Spey Nation, I'm really curious about them now.


PS - for the TFO 9wt I lined it with Meiser/SGS Skandit kit which is wonderful and absolutely dialed in for the rod. I also have a Airflo Compact Scandi 540gr for it which should probably have been a 500-520gr after all. The 9wt is a beast of a rod, section 1 is reminiscent of a single hand 12wt. People also swear by the Beulah Elixir lines for these rods or even the Orvis Switch line which IIRC is a Beulah elixir.