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: Orleans/Chatham 7/16-7/22

07-24-2000, 06:21 PM
Well I have finally fixed my link to this page (was still using Stripers101 and getting nowhere)...

I spent the last week fishing Nauset around the Chatham/Orleans line via oversand access, with a trip to Chatham Light/South Beach, Monomoy, and Nauset Light. Unfortunately we were consistantly at the wrong place, wrong time, wrong weather.

The outer beach ranged from from freezing cold water and built up raging surf to comfortable swimming temps with no surf depending on the wind. Sandeels and birds were everwhere, along with cruising seals, but there were no schools of fish, no surface activity, pretty much nothing. Took one 34ish" fish on a fresh sandeel, nothing plugging or on flies. The fish was that gorgeous light color the "sand" bass get...

Tried Chatham light early one morning in a thick fog on the outgoing flow--again, pods of sand eels everywhere, but no prey. Raised one fish on a surface popper and that was it.

Also tried to take a boat out to Monomoy this past Friday, but it was blowing ugly and the fishing was not pretty.

To conclude this awesome fishing report, I snapped the tip off my new nine weight early in the week, and lost my 10 wt. overboard yesterday (so much for extended warranties).

Possibly the ugliest week of fishing I have ever had--wrong places, wrong times, wrong everything.

I have not fished the outer portion of Nauset/North Beach in many years, but was amazed that there were no pods of blues at least to tear up the endless supply of sandeels. Perhaps it was the seals?

07-24-2000, 07:08 PM
Jeff -

Thanks so much for the report.... you made me feel much better about my dig-for-schoolie weekend!

Just kidding, I hope your fishing karma swings wildly back to equilibrium for you, perhaps when the tunoids that Steve Robbins mentions invade the regions (pause for giddish joy tantrum) and you become the slam master incarnate.

I hear the pogies are just reaching upper cape and were it not for that big cold water mass that seemes to have shifted inshore (unscientific data from my built in temperature sensor / waste water jettison device) I'll bet they would already be reaching Hardings and Monomoy by now.

You're right about the blues, I haven't even seen the snapper blues in Chatham yet.

07-25-2000, 10:39 AM
The lack of cocktail blues is concerning me, as I mentioned on another thread. Last year they were everywhere. I hope that the wind turns around by Wed. and blows good and hard to push some funny fish in our way. I'm not particularly encouraged by the fishing reports from the west on other sites. Maybe if they come late then they'll stay late -- but it never seems to work that way does it? I will say that Hardings has changed a lot this year, partly due to the dredging, but also naturally, and I think that the changes will benefit waders hoping to reach tunoids.