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: On boats and funny fish

08-30-2000, 08:24 PM
There's been alot of talk in the past couple weeks about demolition derby's in Vineyard Sound over tunoids. Unfortunately these things do happen from time to time but they are the exeption rather than the rule. As in most things the vast majority of the folks out there are not like the few that cause the havoc. Between Cuttyhunk and Woods Hole is one of the most peacefull finest spots a fisherman could ever fish. Miles of cliffs and boulders and quiet coves where you can fish unbothered even when the tunoids are running. It would be a shame if someone who wanted to visit this paradise did not because of a few unfortunate incidents. They are the exeption rather than the rule.

08-30-2000, 09:10 PM
Good words, and remember that post labor day is a bit quieter too.