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: Some cool art work

01-29-2011, 12:32 PM
A fellow I know that resides in Deer Isle Maine made this fish. He does ornamental iron work & other blacksmith stuff. He was down visiting a mutual friend and he showed us this:

It is made by heating two sheets of steel joined together somehow and blown out with compressed air. The fins are welded on later, and I assume the other details are added as well. Never the less it is way cooler than my meager snapshots portray it. It is about a foot long and two inches around.

02-02-2011, 05:09 PM
Nice!!!! Would also be nice to have some talent....maybe my next lifetime.
Is it a walleye?

02-07-2011, 05:35 PM
I used to vacation on Little Deer Isle. Great area. And nice artwork.

02-10-2011, 04:28 PM
Ron, I have no idea what the Fish is supposed to be. Or if he even used a model. Didn't think to ask

02-10-2011, 07:21 PM
Nice work (the fish and the photos!) It looks much bigger than you describe. When I first saw the photos I thought it was quite large, maybe a couple feet long. As for the type of fish, I'd say it is a trout or salmon based on the shape of the dorsal fins.