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10-18-2000, 06:41 AM
I know that a lot of you folks are heading for RI this weekend. But for those that can not make it. A customer stopped by the shop yesterday and let me know that he encountered a football size area of breaking fish, some of which he claims where very large (30lbers) working a large school of peanut bunker in the wash all along York beach, Maine. Those fish should be swimming past the North shore beachs soon.

10-18-2000, 07:51 AM
Thanks Bob. I love reports like this. I know where I'm going prework early next week- Nowah Showah!


10-18-2000, 08:04 AM
This sounds like it's worth one more try at Singing Beach or around there. The only thing I am thinking is that Stripers will not necessarily swim along the immediate shore on there way down but groups will swim directly out to the open ocean and head down So, this group in Maine will not necessarily end up at North Shore, Boston Harbor or Monomoy point on their way. But obviously this is only what I have been told and they may very well head to shore for a snack instead of feeding in the open lanes. Can anyone comment on what I have been told on the migration, and is this correct? Anyway that's a significant report Bob, and gives me hope of one more outing up their since the Chatham fishing is out for me since I can not get down there for two weeks. Thanks

10-18-2000, 08:15 AM
MY guess is that with the ammount of stinky Juvies along the No. Shore they won't be able to resist. Thing is they might come in to Marblehead while you're in Beverly. You can also wait for reports then make your strike.
But Oct. is be a time to be prepared for skunkings. (we know I'm used to them I'm going to try anyways in spite of the fact that the weather and daylight are squeeeeezing us out. At any rate, I'm not going to give up until I go out one time and see clear water, no bait, no birds working, and seals. That hasn't happened yet. Last time out (Sat.) a 30" striper swam 2 ' away from me and Deveroux Beach was cooking, and more!


10-18-2000, 10:15 AM
Terry, you eternal optimist... That's what I wanted to hear since I never want it to really end... so I will be there Saturday AM... at singing beach. I can not get back down to Chatham anyway.

10-18-2000, 11:28 AM
fwiw...decided to give nahant a try...loaded with mung, some gulls flying around the rocks by the east corner...decided to make my way along the rocks to see what was doing...less mung, did see some juve' stripers that I saw/felt.

be careful, the rocks are SLIPPERY -- luckily my non-shooting hand decided to throw itself directly in front of the train.