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01-12-2011, 02:13 PM
Thinking a week at Crooked this year. Like idea of going as far south as reasonably possible (Bahamas) during the winter. Landmass should give cover if prevailing North or NE blows. Fished all over but not here. Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences appreciated. I like to tie. Anything new and different suggested?

01-13-2011, 08:16 AM
I would contact Vince at Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters or at least look at his website.

Its been since 2004 since I fished Crooked but I basically used the same package he is offering. I fished with the same two guides, stayed at the same place and ate at the same place.

Clinton and Michael are two of the best guides I have fished with in the Bahamas and both have nice boats. Thats important on Acklins because its a 30 minute or so ride to the flats and it can get rough. They venture further out than some of the other guides on Crooked and will give you a long day on the flats. The accommodations nice enough and in a good location. Short walk to the little harbor where they keep the boats. The food was excellent. Willie Gibson is a good cook and friendly host. Maybe the best thing about Crooked, like some of the other out islands, is the people. They are maybe the friendliest I have found in the Bahamas.

A little side note. I was there with my son in 2004 and we were there the week of Thanksgiving. Willie took us to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner. Lobster and turkey with all the trimming plus some. My son was 19 at the time and loved it there. Willie told him that she would adopt him and he could stay there with her. She would find things for him to do. The kid was going to do that but I told him he had to come home and tell his mother good bye. End of story. He never made it back. Sometimes I regret telling him that. Maybe I would have a free place to stay down there otherwise.

01-13-2011, 11:55 AM
It's a beautiful area and the people that I've met are great. Some of the nicest fish I've seen have been along the shores of Crooked Island-including my largest fish at 8 or 9 pounds. (I am still waiting on that double digit fish-I got a refusal on my only legitimate chance). The usual patterns work fine-anything with pink. I like silly leg gotchas, spawning shrimp, simrams, and bunny bones. On one trip a horror was the go to fly but I've never had great luck with it there since. Not a lot turtle grass so brown & tans more than dark green.

When are you thining of going? There are also a some legitimate chances to get out and fish for tuna and marlin. Landing them in one piece seems to be the issue. Have a blast!


01-17-2011, 07:31 AM
I ended up booking a trip to Pittstown. Will go first week of march. Not ideal wx time but hopefully get some decent days.

Yes I know it can be excellent offshore there. But I catch alot of mahi and an occasional tuna on the fly in the NE (and alot on conventionals) so I love the purity of walking a flat with a 6wt, little box of hand tied flies and laying out long casts. Thanks for the info on the color of the flats. I try not to use gotchas (they work bit too well) and so am always looking to try different ties.

Swalt I wonder where his life would be! I had a similar decision to make between HS and college and ended up going to school. Looking could have gone either way.

01-17-2011, 09:34 AM
WW28, Thats a really good question and I have wondered that myself. My son, 27 now, has tried numerous careers since and been successful at each but still has not found his calling. Could be that it would have been best if I just flew back by myself. We still make trips together to the Out Islands, usually DIY.

On Pittstown they have excellent guides there also. Shakey is one of the best in the Bahamas and Clinton and Michael also guide there at times. The offshore fishing is also a bonus there.

01-17-2011, 06:56 PM
WW28, all of the guides are good at Pittstown, you will have a great time. I would have responded earlier to your post, but I was in Los Roques catching bones!

Make sure you visit the fish cays for a day, and go to Guana cay to see the iguanas.

I believe Shakey likes to fish for permit if you are so inclined.

We're hosting two weeks there after your trip-March 19-26 and 26 to April 2. we have 8 for the first week and 6 for the 2nd. Many of our guests are repeats. That should say enough.

Have a great trip!!

01-18-2011, 11:53 AM
Hey Vince. Think we met last year in Acklins and had a few pops at AIL. Hope you are well. Speaking of Venny, what percentage of your fishing would you say was traditional flats fishing and what percent thowing gummies/ baitfish patterns to fish on bait?