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01-11-2011, 05:59 PM
I was in Borders today and while picking up a copy of "Flyfishing In Saltwaters", I came across a magazine called "The Flyfishing Journal" and I had never heard about it before. I bought it and it seems like a well done publication, a little expensive at about $12.00 a copy on the news stand but the yearly subscription is about $39. Very similar to the cost for " Gray"s". Also the publication is in the same construction quality as "Gray's" or the "Double Gun Journal". I have not read the stories yet and a thumb though showed some great photography. What I noticed immediatley is the lack of Advertisements...only a couple from Simms , Sage ,and a few others. It is out of Washington state and I did recognize a few names of the contributors...One was Tom Keer who both Juro and I know years back and who worked out of the Orvis store in Boston and was also involved in Orvis Corporate. With such sparse advertisements I wonder how they do it unless there is a "deep" pocket somewhere and is someones hobby. Loved the photography and the issue I have is Vol.2 , number I surmise it has been out only last year. The publication page does not help much with any corporated connection except for some small logos of New Belgium Brewing, Earthly Feelings (looks like a "green" orgainization), and FSC-Mixed sources, some sort of Forest and recycling group. I did notice a company named Funny Feelings LLC. Which looks like a limited liability corporation which operates like a limited it is a private orgainization I would think.Does anyone know more about this and have you seen it? Any thoughts?

01-11-2011, 09:19 PM
John, looks like a nice magazine. Funny feelings LLc has two other magazines or journals, Frequency, the snowboarders Journal and Ski Journal. They are out of Bellingham, Washington which is a nice small blue collar left wing college town.
I think they got the ideas for their journals form one that has been around for a long time called Surfers Journal which is a quarterly of high quality, little advertising. It's the only sport mag I'll read and have collected them for 17 years. The new house we are building will have a special book shelf for them. I'll look for the Flyfish Journal and hope it is the same quality in pictures and stories. I loved Grey's years ago but lost contact with it, is it still as good a quality as 20 years ago?

01-11-2011, 09:35 PM
Didn't know all that. It is funny but I was looking at the Surfers Mag for my son...He used to buy then off the stand and when I was looking at it today I also saw that it was a high quality magazine as I had remembered. One journal that seems to have been ended is the "Art of Angling" which was great on closeup photos of flies...mostly bueatiful salmon flies. I used to save the Grays and the National Geos but somehow I simply got rid of them....saved a number of Gray's but only the flyfishing yearly edition.

01-12-2011, 08:10 AM
Grays' Sporting Journal is still has a high quality content with some of the best scribes in the business, e.g. James Babb, Terry Wieland, etc. While pricey, it is still the benchmark for outdoor publications. I have been receiving it since it's inauguration in 1975. Like John I kept every copy until a few years ago when I started dumping "stuff."

01-12-2011, 08:57 AM
I just subscribed for one year to it to give it a shot. I used to subscribe to Flyfishing In saltwaters but now only pick it up on the news stands. I liked "Fly Tyer" magazine but I got to get a grip on this, before you know it you have 10 mags coming to the house with most of it Advertisements. I used to subscribe to the Yale Angler Journal because it was just art work and stories and no ads but stopped even though it was just a quarterly also....don't need the ads because I have enough Flyfishing stuff to last 5 life times......(30 flats ex officio shirts- I can not remember how that happened over the years). I swear I will never buy another fly rod...they "upgrade" every year..."New zegraba material overlapped with neotitanium borononomi (3rd generation boron material ,4th to come out next year), layered in misappia material, material currently used on space station on the planet Alderon, to deflect cosmic and gamma rays so prevelant on flats and streams. It will make you a better caster TOO, the envy of your friends, unlike the crappy caster your already are." Also, forgot to say that we have just a few advertisements here which are from those who support us, so I would buy new stuff from them since this is a quid pro quo.