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10-14-2000, 07:37 PM
Had a wonderful day with the kids on the No. Shore today. Fished a little and observed a lot.Most of the day was spent in Nahant. First, noticed a pod of fish busting mid-causeway on the incoming. Can't fish there unless you are in a boat. So we watched them for a while at the far end.Grabbed a relatives car with Nahant sticker and headed out to some of the coves. Lots of pogies, occasional striper strafes. I was standing on the waters edge and saw a 30" striper swim 3' from shore through a massive school of pogies. No major blitz but locals tell of them lately. Later we headed up to Swampscott and on to Marblehead. Basically guys, there is more bait and birds than stripers, but they're out there. You just have to go out hunting. The reports of Devearoux beach were confirmed. I witnessed plenty of action while there. I found some new spots to fish too. We have a large underfished chunk of coast up here. No need for the lurker picket fences. Get out there and get them while they're hot.


10-16-2000, 10:18 AM
Terry -

Great job... you got browinie points *AND* got to the water at the same time! I could learn from that. I'll bet the kids think you are the MAN for the day they had out there.

I'll bet next week will have some good action around the Nahant area...